Did You Hear the One About….?


By Anne Richmond

comic-strip-liveAnne Richmond, who holds a B.F.A. from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, is an actress, singer, and writer living and working in New York City. For the next eight weeks, she will attend a course for stand-up comedy at the Comic Strip, 1568 Second Avenue, between 81st and 82nd Street. The class, taught by D.F. Sweedler, has launched the careers of many famous comedians. Will Anne join their ranks? She will be updating us on her progress and, in the end, you are all invited to attend her “graduation,” a special performance by Sweedler’s students at the club. Here, Anne conveys her feelings before the first class.

Monday evening, I will be attending my first class in stand-up comedy at The Comic Strip on the upper East Side. The Comic Strip has been home to stand-up greats like Dave Chapelle and Ray Romano. There is a knot in the pit of my stomach the size of a watermelon comprised of excitement, nerves, and absolute terror.

anneSome might describe me as a comedy junky. I love long-form improvisation and studied at i.O. Chicago, as well as in the drama department of NYU Tisch. My computer is filled with stand-up specials from HBO and Comedy Central, but I have never attempted it myself. It’s always been a pipe dream and a fantasy, but the actual act terrifies me!

It’s time to chase the fear! I will be in class at The Comic Strip for eight weeks and I invite you to read weekly installments about my experiences as a female actress dipping her toe in the deep end of a very male dominated pool. These classes and articles will culminate in a final performance at The Comic Strip. Wish me luck!

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