Jersey Jen: Celebrating WCBS-FM’s 40th Anniversary


From a woman’s perspective, I have always thought of the New York Radio Station WCBS-FM as the little black dress of radio stations. It’s always appropriate for any occasion and for all ages. The legendary music station signed on the air July 7th 1972 and as it celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary I think about how much the station has meant in my own life. I grew up listening to WCBS-FM as an oldies station. Who could forget their jingle, “We play your favorite oldies CBS-FM.” To me the music and on-air personalities were always a source of comfort like an old friend or family member. A place you could turn no matter what your mood. I was born two years after the station hit the airwaves and was introduced to the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s by my parents. Disc jockeys such as Cousin Brucie, The Morning Mayor Harry Harrison and Ron Lundy were like radio uncles. They were always there.

I remember the loss I felt when the station briefly changed formats and the jubilation when it returned.

Flash forward to 2012 and I am still listening to WCBS-FM as a Greatest Hits Station. Those greatest hits now include the music from my junior high days in the late 1980’s. Like my parents before me I’m now introducing my four year old daughter, Eva, to the music that her parents as well as her grandparents grew up listening to.

Recently, Eva was playing with her playmobile figures. She picked up one of the males and in a deep voice said “You are listening to 101.1 WCBS-FM.” I was so thrilled. It was as if she recited the alphabet backwards. My husband, Glenn Schuck, occasionally reads the news on The Dan Taylor Morning Show. Glenn was more than thrilled to receive my text about our daughter’s latest accomplishment. (Photo above, Schuck with singer Darlene Love, left).

On air personalities past and present have joined to mark the milestone. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg even paid a visit to the station and proclaimed July 7th “101.1 WCBSFM Day.” Harry Harrison and Dandy Dan Daniel were among the legends to take part in the July 7th 40th Anniversary on-air celebration. And Ron Lundy, who died in 2002, was heard in recordings making his classic air checks.

Current CBS-FM star, Dan Taylor says, “CBS-FM is such a legendary New York radio station. The music is timeless, and the on air personalities both past and present, have shared this incredible “soundtrack” of our listeners lives for four amazing decades. (Above, Taylor, left with Neil Sedaka)

A station for all ages that’s back bigger and better than ever. I can’t tell you how many kids have told me they love the station and it’s music too. The Greatest Hit’s of the 60′s 70′s and 80′s are truly forever young!” I’m hoping 40 years from now Eva will still be remembering her radio uncles like Dan Taylor and, in turn, introducing her children to the timeless music of CBS-FM.

Jennifer Madden covers New Jersey for NY1.

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