NYC Prep Cancun

NYC Prep Goes to the Dogs

NYC Prep Cancun

By Allie and Josh

At the center of this week’s episode of NYC Prep were not the precocious Upper East Side teens we’ve met over the past couple weeks, but instead, dogs. At the beginning of the hour we saw a scowling Jessie snapping at her housekeeper that her pooch needed to go out for a walk, “like, now.” Later at Kelli’s hang-out sesh with Sebastian in the Hamptons, we meet her little white Lily, who would later die and trigger a pathetically melodramatic funeral. (Don’t get me wrong; pet deaths can be very tough for kids, but between the melancholy background tones and Kelli’s declaration that she’d “never been to a real funeral,” it was a bit much). And then on Sebastian’s uncomfortable wintry stroll with Taylor, he asks if she has a dog, to which she flippantly replies that she did, but they had died, with an inexplicable giggle in between.

Between all these plot lines linked magically by the canine theme, added to PC’s raucous Cancun romp, we were treated to almost unarguably the best episode of NYC Prep we’ve seen yet. The four-way love trouble between Kelli, Taylor, Sebastian, and our new friend Cole has developed into at least a moderately captivating plotline. What’s more, Bravo gave us several strong examples of the real-life implications of extreme privilege meeting teenage drama. In addition to Jessie’s flare-up at her housekeeper, we witness Camille flipping out at the stylist her mother hired to help throw out her old clothes to make room for new ones. On the one hand Camille is unquestionably a snob and unappreciative of the hired help; on the other hand, this is clearly what Camille has grown up to expect in her life, and it’s not surprising that she doesn’t react favorably to a stranger trashing her closet. Finally, Bravo has us believe that Taylor is caught between who we now see is “the nice guy” in Cole (supporting her at the gymnastics match and thoughtfully taking her to a vegan restaurant) and “the rich playboy” in Sebastian. But Taylor’s claim of wanting Sebastian for his wealth and connections seems forced; rather, her fickleness seems the simple stuff of an insecure 15-year old seeking attention from two interested boys. It’s almost like real life, and not Gossip Girl-induced “real life.”

Indeed, this episode we start to get a peek into the families of our teens. Kelli’s sister, it turns out, suffers from cerebral palsy, which helps explain why her parents stay headquartered in the Hamptons with her. And during Sebastian’s lunch at Frederick’s with his dad, we begin to understand the source of his ridiculous attitude toward girls: his father snidely asks of Sebastian’s friend’s boyfriend in Germany, “Well, what’s the point of that?” with a crude smile.

But this episode is not all drama—PC gives us lots of fun in the sun. PC and his old boarding school buddy visit the normal 18-year old Cancun spots, Senor Frog’s and Dady-O’s, and do the normal 18-year old Cancun activity: get wasted and dance like morons. But, lest we forget PC is an Upper East Side pretty boy, we get some great lines and moments. At Dady-O’s we see him sneering and shooing away two Texas girls, at Senor Frog’s telling a bartender that Jager-bombs are only for Jersey guys, and to the camera explaining that the only Mexicans he’s met before in New York have been delivery-men. And finally, what was billed as the climax of the episode, PC’s friend’s claim that he is bisexual seems to be a fleeting, ironic joke in front of two giggling girls. Of course, it could have been the truth, or somewhere in between. Stay tuned.

Allie and Josh (not their real names) are recent graduates of two selective New York City prep schools and now attend different Ivy League Universities. As once active participants in the NYC Prep scene, Allie and Josh will share their insights about each new episode of NYC Prep for Woman Around Town.

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