NYC Prep: Just Because You Go to Harvard…


Call us John McCain and Sarah Palin, but this week’s NYC Prep seemed like the Bravo reality version of the Straight Talk Express. A pompous Harvard professor told Camille she “probably won’t” get into the Crimson Ivy; two different prepsters confronted PC about his sexuality; Cole stormed uninvited into PC’s hotel shindig to confront Taylor; and Taylor finally broke it off with her aforementioned hot-headed BF. Let’s get this bus rolling.

If there’s one thing NYC Prep has depicted correctly, it’s the Harvard undergrad scene, which is, in a word, obnoxious. Camille’s faculty escort—presumably arranged through parental connections—couldn’t be more sneering and resentful of privileged high school students anxiously making their way around Cambridge. But the Crimson boys that Camille and her cohorts are set up with might be worse. One creeper asks them all if they have boyfriends, just as another comes bounding onto the screen in aviators and slicked-back blond locks, with an “of course I’m from New York!” Yes, of course you are. And since you weren’t cool in high school, you see Harvard as the perfect opportunity to convince a new crowd of fellow annoying tools that you were. As if it couldn’t get worse, when one of the girls tells the boys they’re visiting to see if they like Harvard enough to apply, the blazer-wearing d-bag exclaims, “Oh, we have to prove ourselves to you? Harvard isn’t good enough?” Nope, not with you around. And not when there are seven other Ivies that Camille might hope to get into.

But we digress. Let’s move on to the drama at PC’s bash—really a small drinking gathering—at the Thompson Hotel (which neither of us has heard of). After hearing from his buddy Kyle that PC invited Taylor to his party but not Cole, the tall Stuyvesant boy shows up unannounced—and without his girlfriend—to PC’s hotel suite, and then demands to speak with the tight-jeaned, eye-liner boy outside. What are you doing Cole? It’s not PC’s fault that your girlfriend doesn’t like hanging out with you, or it’s certainly not his responsibility to help manage your relationship. Any props we gave to Cole for his nice moves—showing up at Taylor’s gymnastics meet or taking her out to a vegan dinner—just went out the window, and over PC’s hotel balcony.

And Cole’s antics at PC’s party were not his only shining moments on this week’s show. During the bizarre and awkward gathering at Pranna on Manhattan’s lower east side, Cole, who was obviously wasted after having one too many twelve dollar cocktails, confronts Sebastian about why he doesn’t want to be friends with Taylor. Perhaps it is because Sebastian and Taylor were never really friends to begin with and unlike you and your ex-girlfriend Deniz, Cole, most people who have a brief love affair do not stay friends. And riddle me this Cole – Why did you think it was a good idea to introduce Taylor and your ex-gf? I’m sure in your black-out state you thought it would be nice to encourage sisterly bonding between Taylor and the much prettier Deniz. However, any halfwit knows that this is a one way track to singles-ville, which is actually exactly where Cole ends up by the end of this episode.

Speaking of dating faux pas, this week’s episode opened with Sebastian criticizing Camille for her lack of dating experience. While Camille seemed offended, she continued to prove throughout this week’s episode that she is extremely socially awkward in her interactions with both boys and girls. Mistake number one, Camille: showing up at PC’s party alone. You should at least pretend like you have friends. Mistake number two: answering PC when he asked if you slept with Dan. Not only is it none of his business but you appeared embarrassed and completely out of your element at his party. And lastly Camille, what was with the shopping spree at Lilly Pulitzer. Did you forget that you are not in fact a twelve year old girl from Greenwich? Strike three Camille – you’re out!

And finally, the college acceptances have been sent out and Jessie will be attending FIT in the fall! However, while Jessie is on cloud nine, PC is still waiting to hear back from Occidental and he doesn’t appear too confident. We will have to wait and see.

Until next week….

Allie and Josh (not their real names) are recent graduates of two selective New York City prep schools and now attend different Ivy League Universities. As once active participants in the NYC Prep scene, Allie and Josh will share their insights about each new episode of NYC Prep for Woman Around Town.

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