NYC Prep: Shrinks, Cupcakes and Long Island?


By Allie and Josh

WTF Bravo? Sebastian goes to school on Long Island? OK, at least the Ross School is in East Hampton, but it’s still a three-hour commute from Manhattan! No one in his or her right mind would make that drive twice every day—which makes us wonder, is Sebastian’s primary residence actually the Upper East Side? Did Bravo really have to go all the way to the Hamptons to find a kid who would agree to do this show?  Or whose parents would let them?

But alas, we take what we’re given, so now to the episode at hand. In one of the first scenes of this week’s NYC Prep, we are invited to witness one of PC’s therapy sessions. PC’s therapist suspects that PC has difficulty letting others get close to him and PC agrees. Really? Huh, that’s interesting since you invited x number of viewers into your dull and seemingly ineffectual therapy appointment. So much for doctor-patient confidentiality. We also learn that PC once wanted to be a professional hockey player but quit when he realized he just didn’t have the talent. Probably for the best – don’t think too many professional hockey players wear fitted doorman jackets and eyeliner.

Next we turn to the fledgling love of Sebastian the islander and Taylor the public schooler, and possibly the most difficult date to watch since that last episode of “Elimidate” we saw in 2001. Sebastian, must you order in French to a waiter who’s clearly from New Jersey? And Taylor, must you talk about the “like, philosophy” you’re supposedly reading? Apparently this crap works on you two, but it’s truly painful for the audience.

But for those of us who managed to make it through the whole episode, the kids of NYC Prep finally showed us a little action – a lip-lock between Sebastian and Taylor. This, however, was no steamy Rachel McAdams-Ryan Gossling MTV Movie Award winning smooch; this was more of an excuse-me-while-I-ram-my-mouth-against-yours kind of thing. Oh, the joy of being an awkward teenager. Must be a treat for the “two-to-sixteen” girls Sebastian hooks up with when he’s at a party!

Meanwhile, Kelli and Camille, between their mud baths and cupcake obsessions, are still boring.

All we can say is that, despite our complaints, we’re pretty stoked for next week. After two episodes of soul-searching, tight jeans-wearing, and water throwing, PC appears to be addressing his sexuality…on a drunken trip to Mexico!

Allie and Josh (not their real names) are recent graduates of two selective New York City prep schools and now attend different Ivy League Universities. As once active participants in the NYC Prep scene, Allie and Josh will share their insights about each new episode of NYC Prep for Woman Around Town.

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