Opera on Tap – La Boheme With a Budweiser

“A lot of people like opera or think they should like opera, but you’re so far away and it’s intimidating and expensive, so that’s why opera on tap.” Emily Crockett

I must confess that the above quote pretty much summed up my feelings about opera; I admire it as an art form, but with a couple of exceptions, (like the occasional performance of Madame Butterfly)I don’t enjoy it all that much; which is why I was so pleasantly surprised to have such a good time Monday, March 10, at Opera on Tap D.C.’s second scheduled performance.

010Opera On Tap D.C. took place in the basement of Pinch on 3548 14th Street, Washington D.C. After paying the $5 cover charge you could crowd in at tables, the bar area in back, or some comfy oversized couches in front, with wine and beer served in plastic cups and food from the menu, like sliders or mac and cheese cooked in duck fat. It makes an interesting contrast; vinyl floors and fake wooden décor with some of the most cultured and exquisite melodies ever written –  and it works. Emily Crockett kicked off the evening, wearing an Brunhilda style Viking hat during her introduction before serenading us her beautiful mezzo voice delighting us with Italian operettas, as she sidled up to individual audience members torch singer style.

044Stand-up comedy played a role throughout the event, as the various performers managed to draw big yuks from the audience. One singer treated us to a great rendition of Count Orlof’s number in Der Fledermaus with a glass of red wine in hand. We were treated to La Boheme and Barber of Seville, and in one particularly raucous number we departed from classic opera to “Loving Yourself.” It was a truly fun and memorable evening that was light on the budget as well, and it leaves me hoping to attend more like it in the future.

Opera on Tap D.C.

1. (r to l): Emily Crockett, Melissa Chavez, Elizabeth Mondragon-Groff, Brody DelBeccaro, Melanie Ashkar
2. Emily Crockett
3. (r to l): Emily Crockett, Melissa Chavez, Elizabeth Mondragon-Groff, Brody DelBeccaro, Melanie Ashkar, Alizon Hull Reggioli, and Dave Chavez on piano

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