Poetry Man—A Taut Drama Unfolds in 25 Minutes


“It’s like poetry man, shear and utter poetry.”—Poetry Man

Bronx based author, teacher, and now movie director James McSherry (above) is making a name for himself with his short film Poetry Man. The film, starring actor Peter Greene, has made a splash in the film festival scene, taking home five awards.

Having been familiar with McSherry’s work prior to the release of Poetry Man, upon my arrival to the New York screening at the Manhattan Film Festival, I knew I was not going to be disappointed.

Based on a true story, Poetry Man is a short film about Jimmy, an aspiring writer and his cousin Nicky, a neighborhood delinquent suspected of murder. This graphic tale of trust and betrayal on the mean streets of the Bronx quickly unfolds in the 25-minute short, leaving the audience feeling like they’ve watched a full-length movie.

McSherry plays the role of the officer who arrests Nicky in the film. Meanwhile his daughter Paige (above), plays the role of Molly, the daughter of the man allegedly murdered by Nicky. Showing the audience that talent definitely runs in the family, Paige showcases both her singing and acting skills in the film.

Peter Greene plays the role of Nicky, giving the film the touch of star quality needed to surely send it into production for a feature length film.

Producer Iris Montalvo (above, with Greene) also had her time to shine in the film, playing the role of a dancer on Orchard Beach. Montalvo was a jack-of-all-trades during the production of Poetry Man, doing makeup, picking up actors from the airport, acting and putting up a substantial amount of money in order for the film to be made.

Though at first glance the story seems like every other true crime murder mystery the dialog, the cast and the cinematography make this film stick out.

James Mcsherry is undoubtedly a creative genius, drawing from personal experiences to produce attention grabbing, one of a kind, memorable work. His memoir A Clean Street’s A Happy Street: A Bronx Memoir is now taught in New York City public high schools and is featured in The New York Public Library. His screen credits include award winning Bronx Paradise, The Ten Crack Commandments, and The Grasslands. Poetry Man is McSherry’s directorial debut and a sure sign that there is more to come of this seasoned poet.

“The murderer in contemporary American cinema tends to be glorified, but I ask you where is the redemption.”—Poetry Man

There should be NY screenings of Poetry Man fall of this year. Click for more information.

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