Puppet-Mania! See Avenue Q Before It Closes


I’ve never been a fan of anything fuzzy and inanimate made to perform like a human being. As a child, I suffered through countless reruns of The Muppet Show, a constant presence on the kid-friendly airways of my cable-less TV. Even using finger, sock, and marionette puppets for entertainment purposes seemed absolutely ludicrous. Then I saw a Broadway show called Avenue Q and my whole outlook on the puppet culture completely changed!

It was only our second date and to my delight, my (now) boyfriend surprised me with tickets to a Broadway show. While he refused to tell me which show we would be catching, I was confident I would absolutely love it.  (I’ve never seen a Broadway show I didn’t love).

“You’ve never heard of Avenue Q?” he asked in disbelief.  “Nope, can’t say that I have,” I responded, “but why are there puppets all over the billboards?” He dropped the bomb: Avenue Q is a musical, but the feature actors and musicians are a bit more then human. They are puppets, puppets that are operated by humans, puppets that perform human acts, sing human songs, and do, ahem, human things.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. After seeing the show, I still can’t believe what I heard. Moreover, I can’t believe that I want to go back and see it again!

Tony Award-winning Avenue Q is a sardonic musical about a young man, (Princeton), who decides to move to the Big Apple with big dreams and even bigger expectations. The show highlights the idiosyncrasies and hardships that come with the rat race of life in Manhattan, all while encouraging audiences to embrace and accept the eccentricities of the New York population. Princeton struggles as he pursues his dreams and attempts to make a life for himself in the merciless metropolis.

With the use of puppets, the actors of Avenue Q persuade the audience to consider realities of life that they might otherwise turn away from. Through a musical program of songs that include: “Everybody’s a Little Bit Racist,” “The Internet is for Porn,” and, “What Do You Do with a B.A. in English,” Avenue Q raises controversial issues in a comfortable and fun way, but the messages still hit home.

Avenue Q is somewhat shocking yet entirely hilarious. (Think Rent, with smaller characters who are a tad more raunchy, and who have slightly larger heads). The show can be a great conversation starter for a small group of old friends. It might also serve as an ice breaker to alleviate the jitters of a first encounter. Remember, the show is not recommended for small children, so plan for a babysitter!  As long as you go with an open mind, you will leave with an ear-to-ear grin!

Avenue Q
Golden Theater
252 W 45th street, between 8th Avenue and Broadway
Avenue Q’s  is final performance is scheduled for September 13, so grab your tickets before it’s too late!

For more information on Avenue Q, visit www.avenueq.com

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