The Curtain’s Up at eGarage:
A New Theater’s Friday Night Gala


“New Yorkers are jaded,” we say about ourselves – with pride, as if throwing down the gauntlet to Gotham’s performers, be it a musical, a classic theater drama or a comedy show. We’ve done it, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve got the autograph on the back of the programs to prove it. It doesn’t take us long to wrinkle our noses and roll our eyes. We want to be surprised, impressed and awestricken quickly and continuously. Let’s face it, we’re a tough audience. Thank goodness, the Big Apple’s entertainers are up for the challenge. They are an indie breed, always looking for the next thing, the new talent, and the unexplored concept.

eGarage, a synergy of theater, indie art and internet streaming, is just that. “A new theater is like the birth of a star,” says Dennis Cieri, founder of eGarage, an avant-garde theater/video recording studio, which is hosting its opening gala this Friday, April 8, at 7 p.m. “And we certainly intend to produce quite a few stars.”

Located in the heart of the Long Island City artist community, nearby Astoria Kaufman Studios, Silvercup Studios and Astoria Soundworks, eGarage is a one of a kind media company. Dedicated to discovering and promoting emerging talent, eGarage is starting its first season with an impressive array of unique indie shows you won’t find anywhere else. It hosts everything from open mics to indie films and from newscast satire to burlesque.

Still Standing with Ray Wagner, is a stand-up comedy show featuring the funniest underground Gothamists. Must See eGarage TV injects you with a nightly dose of sitcoms in an hour – 4 hysterical booster shots at 15 minutes each. “Think fast or wear egg,” is the mantra of the Improv Nation – a team of quick-footed, fast-witted comedians making the most of the unlikeliest of situations.

Presenting The Fogg of Time, Darren Fogg takes you on a time travel as he brings in guests from the inglorious past and grills them on their roles in history.

Hungry for an intellectual break-through? W. J. O’Reilly, a CBS and CNN news commentator and reporter hosts Breaking Through weekly. The Pregame Show educates you about all things gay, fun, and fabulous! A not to be missed is the most hilarious and shameless newscast in history, SOX News, operating under the motto, “We make it up. You believe it.”

eGarage will open its doors to public on April 8 with its inaugural Friday night gala featuring a montage of its upcoming shows. A $20 ticket includes the gala performance and a DJ, plus champagne, dessert and an opportunity to meet the shows’ casts. “The curtain’s up!” say Dennis Cieri and his creative director, Megan Boyle. “Come to eGarage, where stars are born!”

44-02 23rd Street (corner of 44th Street)
Studio 104
Long Island City
For more information go to the
eGarage website.
Tickets available at
eGarage’s Spring Gala Website.

Travel information: #7 train to 45th Rd/Courthouse station; walk north on 23rd to green gates on the left side of street. E, M, or G train to 23rd St/Ely station; exit towards 23rd and 44th drive. Take a right on 23rd north.

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