The CW’s Beauty and The Beast – Can She Trust the Unstable Creature Within?

The CW network is accustomed to taking amazing established stories and twisting them into workable television dramas. However, these are not just some flimsy, one season, remakes or repeats. The CW’s Smallville (based on Clark Kent’s life before becoming Superman) produced ten years worth of television episodes, making it the longest-running North American science fiction series in television history. By the time the show ended, no other comic book based series had as long of a run as Smallville. So now that The CW is taking on the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, exactly how will the show’s executive producer Sherri Cooper portray this adored fairytale?

The story follows Catherine Chandler. Smallville’s very own Kristin Kreuk will be the show’s female beauty. Her character deals with the loss of her mother as a teenager. Cat’s mother was murdered by two gunmen, but was saved by something before the gunmen turned on her. Except, no one believes Catherine’s story. She believes a human saved her life while the attack was very much animal-like.

Now an adult and working as a homicide detective, Cat is tough and doesn’t allow herself to stand by as life continues. Although the memory of her mother’s murder is still with her, Cat’s work is where she can do good and seek justice for others. She is paired with another police detective, Tess Vargas (Nina Lisandrello), who becomes a trusted friend as their partnership strengthens. There’s even a possibility of a man in Cat’s life—a flirtatious friendship between the medical examiner Evan Marks (Max Brown), who Cat spends time with during numerous cases. However, someone or something else catches Catherine’s attention.

One of Tess and Cat’s cases leads them to a doctor named Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) who died in combat in 2002 (Afghanistan) while serving. The problem is, Cat finds out that although ten years has passed during the soldier’s apparent death, Vincent is actually alive. For some unknown reason (to Cat’s acknowledgement), someone has been assisting in keeping this man’s status a secret. And that person would be someone by the name of J.T. Forbes (Austin Basis). He is the only one who knows just how unpredictable Vincent can be. Something terrible happened to Vincent because when the slightest incident upsets him, he becomes a petrifying beast incapable of seeing reason. He’s also the same animal-like “human” who saved Cat’s life.

This is the start of Cat and Vincent’s partnership. Cat promises not to disclose Vincent’s concealed life if he can provide information on the two gunmen responsible for her mother’s death. But this clandestine bond can be more trouble than its worth; especially when not even Cat’s closest friends knows how Cat is able to solve the toughest crimes in the city.

The tone of this series will indeed be darker, but also show some gentleness in the relationship between Cat and Vincent. In spite of their connection, will Cat truly be able to trust the unstable creature within Vincent’s compassionate personality? This could be the moment when Cat allows herself to accept a man in her life in a “more than friends way.” That’s if Vincent doesn’t hand over all control to the beast and takes the beauty’s life in spite of everything.

The series premiere of Beauty and The Beast begins October 11th at 9 p.m., after The Vampire Dairies.