The CW’s Nikita—Welcome to Division

The premier of returning and new series dramas are already filling commercials with nail biting trailers. Recently, I brought you up to date on the CW drama, Supernatural, guessing that the Winchester brothers will survive the unknown. (See my previous story.) For CW’s Nikita, well, the challenge will be tougher. When your life is embedded in a fog of darkness. When there are no family members or friends to help you cope with the struggles in your life; when you feel the faults in your life can’t be overturned…there’s a place for lost souls. It’s a safe haven that takes the broken in, clothes, feeds and then trains them. That safety net comes at a high price.Your new safe haven will expect one favor in return: you must kill those they sentence to death.

Welcome to Division, a clandestine government funded agency set on using all personnel for its personal benefit. One secret agent uncovered the truth. She fought; she escaped and is now playing for her own advantage. Nikita Mears (Maggie Q) was a lost soul, easily influenced by sweet, welcoming Division. It wasn’t love at first sight, but Division had ways to butter up new recruits. On occasion the only thing needed was to provide comfort to those dispirited individuals who desperately desired it. For Nikita, the adjustment process ran smoothly with the help of a cute guy Michael (Shane West, above). With his help, she eventually got promoted to some dangerously top-level missions assigned by the leader of the agency Percy (Xander Berkely). Nikita fell in love with a civilian who was killed; she understood Division’s determination to own her and other recruits.

As promised, Nikita attempts everything to dissemble Division one segment at a time. After escaping, she takes time to conceal her identity away from Percy (the only successful agent to escape the agency). She begins to calculate the tasks necessary to further her operation. Nikita’s most successful arrangement was using against Division Alex Udinov (Lyndsy Fonseca), another lost soul. Nikita saves Alex from a life of drugs (exactly the way Nikita once lived her life) and then slowly begins to teach her everything she knows. Eventually Alex is the mole—living, hearing and interfering with Division’s missions without the agency’s acknowledgement.

The strategy wins the girls numerous victories for quite some time. Along the way, the romantic feelings Nikita and Michael once shared while she was at Division turns out to be stronger than his devotion to Percy. He also joins the Nikita team.

The show has a different tone from others. Usually men are the ones in combat, but Nikita and Alex prove succeed in saving lives, even suffering a bullet wound or two. Michael (although such a powerful presence in Nikita’s life) isn’t around all the time just to save Nikita. The fans know her passion for the mission is too strong to be on the sidelines. And the best parts are the comical dialogue exchanged by Nikita and computer genius Seymour Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford, above, left).

Nikita isn’t only about physical combat or explosive technology. The relationship between Nikita and Alex travels from highs to lows throughout the two seasons. Nikita covers much ground along her mission to destroy the core purpose of Division. Her ultimate battle with Percy leaves her with shocking consequences.

Season three promises more stunning coordinated stunts, but most fans are cringing to know what will become of team Nikita once those consequences now take them into a path that was unexpected.

Season three premieres on October 19th at 9/8c on The CW.