The CW’s Supernatural—Keep the Salt Handy

If you are already searching your program guide on The CW Network for your favorite shows, don’t panic. The CW is doing things a bit differently, waiting until October to launch it fall television drams hoping to increase each show’s ratings. Another month does seem unbearable, but most of us have been waiting since May to know what happened to our beloved characters. This feature will cover the twisty stories of three popular CW dramas over the next few weeks to hold us over until October graces us with its presence: Supernatural, Nikita and of course The Vampire Diaries. This week: Supernatural.

If you ever want to go on a hunting trip with the Winchester brothers, there are a few items necessary to survive the trip. You will need salt to ward off angry spirits. A knife is only useful if it’s real silver to wound werewolves and shape shifters. Don’t forget holy water for those innocent possessed people. Typically salt bullets will save your life rather than real ones. Most importantly, it’s never a bad idea to become best friends with an angel. These are just a few reasons why hunting with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester has become a weekly event for fans everywhere on The CW’s Supernatural.

Their journey has gone on for seven seasons. It started with a house fire that became their father John Winchester’s purpose in life to uncover what was responsible for his wife’s death. The brothers were raised differently from other kids, taking up the family business, learning what weapons are the best to keep under their pillows. In time, the brothers became young men and learned to fend for themselves. The mystery of their mother’s death continued to take them around the country, fighting a creepy version of bloody Mary, several crossroad demons, and even a lucky rabbit foot that truly isn’t lucky along the way.

With only one major storyline, it took Sam and Dean further, eventually into a world of angels and “lets go looking for God.” Along the way many battles were won: killing the yellow-eyed demon, liberating the world of Lilith, and, most recently, the leviathan. There also were battles lost: opening the door to hell, both brothers dying numerous times and the battle with Lucifer that had Sam troubled for most of season six and seven. Sam and Dean tested each other’s loyalty and resilience. In some cases losing faith in one another, but eventually accepting the changes necessary for both men to evolve.

Now with Jeremy Carver as the show runner, it’s up to him and the writers to lead the fans into what Dean will be facing while trapped in purgatory during the start to season eight.

If the thrilling story lines or playful humor doesn’t impress you, Sam and Dean’s handsome looks will. Don’t forget. If the temperature in the room decreases dramatically, just keep some salt handy. It’s only a vengeful spirit living among you.

Season eight of Supernatural premieres on the CW, 9 p.m. October 3.