The Gazillion Bubble Show


The lot of the parent—at times a chore, at others a pleasure—is to accompany one’s child to various entertainment events, from movies to puppet shows, and, most recently the Gazillion Bubble Show. The anticipation was immense for my two sons, and the show was a welcome respite from the otherwise overwhelming Halloween weekend activities. We excitedly headed out from Brooklyn to West 50th Street in Manhattan, to the New World Stages Theater.

The show opens with a theater wide burst of bubbles, music, and the charming Deni Yang, the sole performer of the show and the youngest of the Yang family who have been in the business of entertainment and bubbles for 20 years. Yang tells the audience about his family history while screens on both sides of the stage run footage of a four year-old Yang performing. Yang’s family holds the Guinness World Record for the largest bubble wall, which measured 156 foot long and 13 foot high. The Yangs have been traveling all over the world with variations on the Gazillion Bubble Show performance. Bubbles make people happy, Deni tells us, and he has made it his life’s work to deliver this happiness to people all over the world.

Indeed, children and parents alike were delighted with the various aspects of the show, from a theater covered in bubbles like snow, to the rainbow and smoke bubble sculptures and the giant tube like bubbles that slithered like snakes in the air and surrounded children volunteers from the audience. Yet parents, be aware, while my 5 ½ year old Liam was mesmerized, the younger and more active Ronen lost interest since some parts require the spectator to possess a more mature attention span. While the younger members of the audience enjoyed the show as a whole, some definitely needed a break. The show is most fully enjoyed, I believe, by young school aged children, and perhaps those younger with the right temperament.

At the point in which Ronen was so restless that his foot got stuck in his seat, the salvation came in the form of a bubble and laser light show. Loud electronic music filled the theater (a tad too loud for tender ears) and transported this mom of a certain age twenty years back to the experience of a Rave. Even without the help of the mind altering substances of times long gone, this laser light and bubble part—from Ronen’s and my own perspective—was the most exciting part of the show.

As most successful entertainment venues for children, the performer considers the grown ups in the audience and works to assure the pleasure of all those present. Halfway down the block from the theater Liam and Ronen both were excitedly talking about the next time we would go to the Gazillion Bubble Show.

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The Gazillion Bubble Show
New World Stages
340 West 50th Street

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