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Are you a funny lady? Do you crack up your friends? This country, particularly New York is full of “funny women” as opposed to what Christopher Hitchens of Vanity Fair has asserted. Hitchens claimed that women are genetically “less funny” than men, which doesn’t seem like a very funny article. It’s not that women are comically inferior, what is lacking are women who scribble “freelance comedian” as their occupation.

So if you feel the need to be inspired, or simply want to laugh, or prove Hitchens wrong, you should check out these great places to find especially hilarious women performing their occupations throughout New York. We begin at the Mecca of hilarity, the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). Sue Galloway (photo, top) is an emerging star in the comedy world. She plays a “writer” on 30 Rock, and writes as a writer for SNL. She can be seen all over commercials and various programming yet she returns to her roots at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre. There she performs in the sketch and improvisation ensemble “THE LAW FIRM: Law and Disorder,” which appears at the theatre every Friday at 10:30 p.m. Time Out New York has declared “Law and Disorder” a “critic’s pick.” Christine Merril of writes, “The Law Firm knows how to take the bizarre and make it seem totally natural and funny.” Her work on the stage and screen illuminate her awkward, bizarre, brilliant effortless talent.

Next take a walk around the corner to the Magnet Theatre. This is a lesser known theatre, but its talent parallels that of UCB. Check out the all female improvisation troupe “We Just Might Kiss,” June 27th at 10 p.m. This hilarious feminine assembly creates short scenes based on audience suggestions. Although laughter is a guarantee, the allure of going to a purely improvised show is the interactive experience. This show tends to boast a largely female audience that contributes to the “girl power” panache that permeates the theatre. Also, they just might kiss…The women of Magnet theatre also prove that they can play with the boys. Check out “The Boss” every Thursday at 9 p.m.

Chet Siegel (above) shines as the only female player in a group of five, however, she doesn’t shine because of her singularity but because she is funny with a capital F. This troupe is an improvisation group that also works with audience suggestions and creates an entire show from one prompt. Her character versatility and smart quick decisions allow her to control the entire stage and audience. In short, you go girl.

Lastly, but not least-ly, female stand up comedians. Although there is no one place to find a fanfare of great female comedians, which will hopefully change soon, the best way to follow a stand up veteran is to follow her on the Internet. My new favorite female funny lady is Claudia Cogan. Keep an eye out for her upcoming shows all over New York. Most female comedians begin their careers in New York and then venture out to L.A., however Cogan (above) is the comedy bat-woman of this Gotham City, saving the name of female comedy with her utility belt of jokes. This Brooklyn native has been called “Refreshingly hilarious” by Time Out New York. She flourished on television as a Last Comic Standing 7 semi-finalist. What’s most thirst quenchingly refreshing about her stand up is that she doesn’t rely on stereotypes or conventional women’s issues. Rather, she looks at the world from a unique female perspective and simply comments about what goes on around her in New York. Another place to keep up to date on the funny ladies is Chick Comedy.

So if you do go to see any of these female prodigies don’t necessarily do it because they’re funny women, go see these women because they are so darn funny.

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  1. 53andlovinglife says:

    Jennie, you’re quickly becoming one of my favorites on this site! So far my only complaint so far is that Wanda Sykes didn’t make your list, but i guess she’s not everyones cup of tea! I’m still mourning Fox’s decision to cancel the show ;(, she’s my favorite sassy lady who always reminded me that i needed to be comfortable in my own skin.

    Mary Ann

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