Boomerang – Twists and Turns of Romance

Noelle August’s New Adult novel, Boomerang, is the perfect accompaniment to sunshine and a sweet iced tea, a glass of white wine, or any other kind of summertime beverage.

Mia Galliano and Ethan Vance are twenty-something interns vying for a career at Boomerang, an uber-successful media company located in Los Angeles. The night before their first day at work, they hook up and form an instant connection. Unfortunately, even though Boomerang is a dating site, employees are prohibited from dating each other. Besides Mia and Ethan are incredibly competitive; both want the job, but only one will be hired. This set up isn’t the best start for a friendship let alone a romance.

BoomerangMia is not a “typical pretty girl.” First off, she’s totally comfortable in her own skin; she poses nude for her photographer mother and film class. According to Mia, “I feel like I spend half my life naked. Am I going to spend half my life blushing and apologizing for myself? No, I am not.” And Ethan is not a “typical jock.” When Mia doesn’t remember Ethan’s name, he’s genuinely hurt. “I wasn’t after anything serious, obviously. After two years with Alison, non-serious is a requirement. But this girl doesn’t even remember my name? That sucks, but I shrug and play it off.”

Boomerang is a funny, light-hearted read, especially the situations Ethan and Mia find themselves in. One of the requirements of interning for Boomerang is trying out their dating site. Mia’s first match is Rob who “eyes Mia’s breasts with all the bug-eyed subtlety of a cartoon wolf.” Ethan is paired with Raylene, who is absolutely smitten from the start: “My gawd! Aren’t you gorgeous? How much fun are we going to have? Isn’t this night already the best?”

Mia and Ethan clearly want to be together but spend the entire novel pushing each other away. “We stay there, just breathing the same air for a few seconds, making a little pocket of shadow in the brightness that surrounds us.”—Ethan’s description of being close to Mia. “The breeze is cool and shivery and flutters along my sheet like fingers, so light, touching every bit of me. Of course I think of Ethan, wishing for his fingers, his lips. Remembering.”—Mia thinking about Ethan.

At one point, Mia’s mother takes photos of Ethan. Mrs. Galliano says of her art: “I just follow the light. All of these people had a kind of glow. From the inside. Do you know what I mean?” “Yeah.” “Ethan has that, I think. Bright and intense, like the flare of a match in the dark.”

Will Mia and Ethan’s love ever see the light of day? Will either of them be hired at Boomerang? Grab a cool drink, a spot in the shade, and a copy of Noelle August’s Boomerang to find out.

Noelle August