Fiction to Read Now

What to read next? Whether you are relaxing at home or packing for a trip, don’t forget to take along some great books. We have great fiction suggestions from Fuze Publishing. Click on a title to read more and purchase. 
Behind the Waterfall
by Molly Best Tinsley

Identical brothers Chetan and Nashota Eagleman and their younger sister Shyla move to Bison, South Dakota, the middle of nowhere. There they stumble on an astonishing family secret that comes with special powers and a scary mission: to take down the ruthless criminal who controls the town and aims to control the world. But how?

Black Wings by Kathleen Toomey Jabs

Lieutenant Bridget Donovan battles Navy hierarchy to find the truth behind the tragic plane crash of one of the Navy’s first female combat pilots, Audrey Richards, Bridget’s Academy roommate. Bridget’s life is at stake when she uncovers the warped code of honor behind a secret Academy group.

Broken Angels by Molly Best Tinsley

Under deep cover in Ukraine, Victoria Pierce is tasked with confirming the secret export of enriched uranium. When she collides with a girl on the run from sex traffickers, she is enmeshed in a sticky web of vice that extends to dangerously high places.

The Card People by James Sulzer

After the mysterious disappearance of his father, a genius MIT scientist, twelve-year-old Paul Kapadia begins to notice something very strange about a deck of playing cards. This riveting adventure novel for middle-graders, which unfolds at the intersection of nanotechnology and magic, is accompanied by a Study Guide.

Cologne by Sarah Pleydell

London, 1960. Renate von Hasselmann, an au pair escaping postwar Germany, takes charge of precocious Caroline and Maggie Whitaker. The girls’ debonair father disarms the young woman with his quicksilver charm, childhood collides with history, and the traumas of war are visited upon the children of the peace.

Leaving Tuscaloosa by Walter Bennett

1962. Racial turmoil in the deep South engulfs two estranged boyhood friends, one black and one white. Veering from the heat of erotic passion to the spreading fires of racial violence, their paths converge in a moving, shocking climax.

The Mother Daughter Show by Natalie Wexler

At a D.C. prep school so elite its parent body includes the President and First Lady, three mothers have thrown themselves into organizing the annual musical revue. Will its Machiavellian intrigue somehow enable them to reconnect with their graduating daughters, who are fast spinning out of control?