Fifty Shades of Grey—An Erotic, Unsettling Journey

If you have ever been in love; the truly, madly deeply kind, Fifty Shades of Grey and the two volumes that follow should make your bucket list. It’s an unconventional story written by an unlikely novelist from across the pond. This book speaks to the private sector of our minds and hearts, making it impossible to deny how much the words appeal to us, no matter where we come from or who we are.

The boy meets girl romance is skewed by the billion dollar empire of the boy and the honest naïveté of the girl. E.L. James who penned this sinful trilogy has us seeing Christian Grey as a statuesque business mogul with a secret sexual fetish. Anastasia Steele, the object of Christian’s affection is characterized as sweet, beautiful and completely inexperienced in practically every arena of life. Their unlikely meeting turns into a tumultuous romance that forever changes them both as individuals and as the two parts of a dominant and submissive relationship they form.

At first glance Fifty Shades of Grey connects with the dark and subsequently deviant side of humanity. There were moments where I felt like a voyeur, holding my breath, waiting to see the evolution of a scenario; seldom enjoying the outcome. Christian takes his time when boarding Anastasia as his new submissive, a role she can barely wrap her head around. Her internal and external struggles with doing what she wants versus what seems right takes her to places few of us know exist. Christian’s secret rooms inside and outside his mind are both exotic and dangerous to Anastasia as she carefully finds her way through the labyrinth, eventually leading to Christian’s metaphorically damaged heart.

There is an underlying current of heartache that follows the pair throughout. Their deepening affection for one another makes them question if they can coexist in each other’s worlds without sacrificing who they are and what they require as people. With each delicious page E.L. James takes us on an emotional and erotic journey few authors dare to, in such a mainstream media fashion. An announcement made this past March names Universal Features and Focus Features as the winners of a frenzied bidding war between multiple studios for the book to movie rights of this salacious chronicle.

Much speculation has been made over how the book will translate to the big screen since the book itself easily exceeds an NC-17 rating, just ask anyone who read it. Casting Christian and Anastasia will be yet another colossal feat since their already beloved status has elevated them to adaptation royalty for countless readers.

With all its success, Fifty Shades of Grey is no stranger to rejection and controversy as it has been banned in several libraries in the U.S. Counties in Georgia and Wisconsin have bans in place along with Florida’s Brevard County (not to be confused with Broward). Random House who publishes the Fifty Shades trilogy is claiming an infringement on the people’s first amendment rights and hopes to have the ban overturned.

Regardless of its detractors, Fifty and all his Shades are not losing any steam as the book’s best selling status is firmly cemented in our popular culture. While the possibility of a fourth installment remains unknown, a movie is in the works and that alone is more excitement than this fan can take.

Fifty Shades of Grey
E.L. James