Poet’s Corner: “Approaching Nectar” –
Margaret Sullivan Waldhelm

Approaching Nectar

They came in early morning
With a shimmering
Of green jewels and ruby throats
Lured to sweetness from far away
From wild wood and cupped nest
Humming and flapping on rapid wings
Tiny feet held under bodies
Short forked tails tipped in white
Floating hovering backing up
Then dipping in with long delicate swords
A thin straw at the end of their eyes
They drank

They sucked sweet juice
Carried to an unknown destination
Bodies colored in buff and scarlet
Metallic wings pulsing and beating
Like dancing angels in undercurrent air
Curious eyes protecting their source
In afternoon light they perched
Atop the amber glass
That hung like a flower
Drooping on its stem

Fragrance charmed them
Summer day after summer day
Graceful diminutive creatures
Before sun fell behind the trees
They came into the evening
I watched the essence of joy
Hummingbird’s dance
Approaching nectar

Margaret Sullivan WaldheimMargaret Sullivan Waldhelm, born in Brooklyn, New York, now resides in the Catskill Mountain Region of New York State. Her book, From These Country Roads, A Journal and Selected Poems, was published in 2012. She has a passion for photography and art that feed her creative writing life. You can find her website at www.fromthesecountryroads.blogspot.com