Accessorize….Your Hair!


Rapunzel, Rapuzel, Let down your hair! Really?!

In the country, in the Autumn, in the hairdressers…with a great cut and no humidity…If it’s long enough to hold a bobby pin, it’s long enough to style and/or and decorate. Twist, lift, curl, braid, tie, gather, clip… get it off your neck or out of your eyes; accessorize practically, frivolously, fashionably. Change it up.

Above Left: Tasha Crystal Wire Head Wrap- Just a little something to catch the light. A delicate and enchanting piece. For the young at heart or of face. Fashioned with crystal flowers; ties in back with embellished ribbons for custom fit. Ornament width 3 ½”. Metal/crystals. $58.00

Above Top Right: Floral Spray- Kind of 1940s if you hide the band in hair. Soigne. When was the last time you heard that word?! Big enough to have an effect, but not ostentatious. Austrian crystal headband. Left side spray. 2” x 3”. Silver tone or antique silver. Clear or pale rose stones. $79.00 plus shipping & handling

Above Bottom Right: Flower Swirl Hair Comb- As if caught in a breeze…a touch of movement, a touch of sparkle. 3 ¼” x 3 ¾” Black toned comb. Rhinestones. $24.00

If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels. Charlize Theron

Rhinestone Headbands- Discrete and rather elegant. Suits a sixteen year old as well as a woman of fine vintage. These can be effectively paired as well. Black with hematite setting, clear with silver setting or red with silver setting. ¼” wide. 17 stone size. $39.99 plus shipping & handling

Above Top: Black Bow Headband- A prettier Mrs. Simpson. Neat, stylish, ladylike. From business dinner to “real” date. Are there real dates anymore? .75” thick. Crystal bow 2.5” x 1.75” $36.99

Above Bottom: Austrian crystal oversized rhinestone headband- 1” wide with 3” diameter off center rose. Silver setting. Clear stones-rose clear or ruby. $139.99 plus shipping & handling

Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Diadem- Where else are you going to find such a piece if not here?! Daisy Gatsby aspirations anyone? Dramatic to the nth degree. Are you? 5” from top to bottom in front including hanging strands. Easily adjustable. Clear rhinestones in silver tone finish. $269.99 plus shipping and handling

I’d rather wear jewels in my hair than anywhere else. The face should have the advantage of this brilliance. Hedy Lamarr

Above Left: Silk and Velvet Bouquet- Feminine and soft, this piece has almost as much impact as a cocktail hat. Easily affixed to a multitude of hair styles achieving that ahhhh response we’re all after. 2 ½” salon clip holds this fast. Comes in white, ivory, green, rose, or black. $98.00

Above Right: Clara “tropical Flower” Hair Clip- If the top piece resembles a cocktail hat, this ornament is ready for The Kentucky Derby (or Ascot.) Diaphanous fabrication with that whomp factor. Organza and chiffon petals create a dramatic 5 ½” x 8” flower. Purple, blue, black or white. Clip can also be pinned to clothing. $36.00

I’m a big woman. I need big hair. Aretha Franklin

Above Clockwise–Top Left: Large Lightweight Crystal Butterfly Barrette- Nothing fluttery or frilly about this silhouette. A handsome piece in a good range of subtle color. For chignon or half up, half down…depending on your alcohol intake. Modernist crystal covered butterfly made of durable, lightweight celluloid. Comfortable and secure. Available in pink, amber, clear and black crystal. 4.5” x 3.4”. $220.00

Top Right: Peacock Clip- More in the style of a peacock than a cartoon (or network symbol,)The shape of the bird creates a fan from which hair cascades. Four different color combinations. $28.00

Bottom Right: Crystal Poppy Barrette- Wonderful color for Autumn. Day or evening depending on the rest of your jewelry and ensemble. Classy configuration. Large crystals make up the nicely set flowers. The body is curved to fit the shape of your head. Available in pink or red crystal. 3.75” x 2.85” $79.99 on sale

Bottom Left: Large Crystal Bow Barrette- Detailing makes this look rather vintage and completely distinctive. Contrasting cast metal body and swirl patterned crystals add to design flair. Curved shape to fit the head. Many color choices. 4.3” x 2.6”. $89.99 on sale

Above Left: Curacao- Insouciant, arty crafty headpiece like the ones worn by London’s nineteenth century Romantics. Your hair can stick out any which way from this and look a la mode.Half turban, half headband hybrid. 8” wide. Polyester. $ 32.00

Above Right: Waterspot Headband- Looks like the WW II posters, doesn’t it? Well, a prettier fabric. For knocking around the village. A casual wink. Cream cotton with tonal “water spots” and ties. $14.00

Above Top Left: Eugenia Kim Keely Barrette- Animal print season is back. This will go with everything from jeans to your mink- Hell, jeans and your mink. Big enough to make its point, stylish enough to do it with rapier wit. Leopard print (or sequins.) Silver tone locking clasp. 8” x 3”. $66.00

Above Bottom Left: France Luxe Bouquet Headband- Useful tonal coloring looks subtle in your hair. Cut out detail, high polished finish. The only piece of plastic I included because it looks so swell. $40.00 on sale

Above Right: Gold Metal Butterfly Side Headband- Just a whisper of design. For fine boned ladies in sweater sets, young girls, Chanel suits …100% gold tone metal with 3 varying sized butterflies on the side. $14.00 on sale.

Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself. Hubert de Givenchy

Above Left: Red Bow Alice Band- Very girly. Wear it with sleek black and hot red lipstick. He won’t know what hit him. For fun or business (if you mean business) Nice sized red fabric bow on covered band. $11.00

Above Right: Jennifer Ouellette Knot Headband- Whether back to private school after a Summer in the South of France or climbing off a tractor (uh huh) …very Noho. Bold in this color. Holds alotta hair. Perforated lambskin on elastic band. 2.25” width. Available in red, black and white. $29.00

Above Top: Queen Alice Bow Anywhere Clip- Wear your outrageous, vociferous, magisterial icon with the secret knowledge she’s in there behind the modern woman you seem to be. Grosgrain ribbon bow salon style clip with ultrasuede patch for grip. Lucite-framed character cameo and Swarovski crystals. 3.5” across. $75.00

Above Bottom: Linea Rose Clip- Bette Midler would love this one. A big red feathered flower to wear to the USO Canteen or Asia de Cuba. Moves with you, should you care to…$33.00

Statement Sinamay Bow and Ribbon Fascinator- At a fraction of the price you can do a Kate Middleton. Walk into the Soho Grand or St. Regis in this and really turn heads. Or take it way South. Who is she? Will follow in your wake. Walk tall…and knowingly. Headband design with oversized straw bow detail and architectural looped band and feather embellishment. $51.72

Above Left: Swarovski Crystal Dangling Rose Comb- It’s the unusual, long line that makes this one. Let eyes follow the falling curls or your long neck. Lovely trailing rose for the side or back of the head. Available in clear, red/green and amber/black combinations. 2.6” x 7”. $149.00

Above Right: Crystal Flower and Ribbon Barrette- A timeless corsage. The swirly ribbon adds movement to otherwise simple styling, straight hair, a pony tail. 2.2” x 3.7”. Available in many colors. $59.99

Hand Made Feather Headbands- I mean look at the range of feathers you can get! Think of the outfits to which these might add panache. Your signature accessory? Play! 2” width; adjustable. $23.99 on sale.

I call it The Josephine Baker. They call it Multicolored Bead and Oversized Feather Fountain. Really, having discovered it, I couldn’t resist showing you. Just to know it’s out there! 17” high. 12” wide. Adjustable. How’s your posture? Let your inner Follies girl out, out, out! Halloween is coming. $569.00 plus shipping and handling (Well, it’s gorgeous)

Above Top Left: Spider Bow Anywhere Clip- How cool is this?! A slightly wicked accessory is like coaling your eyes or wearing a bustier…it speaks of a dark side (or at least a sense of humor.) Grosgrain ribbon bow with Swarovski crystals and crystal metal spider in the center.3.5” Features salon style clip with ultrasuede patch for maximum grip. $70.00

Above Bottom Left: Lucite Skull Barrette- I’m into it now. Let them peer more closely. Is it the symbol of a private club, have you a black cat at home, do you like to make men suffer? Web exclusive. 1.5” wide pearlized lucite embellished with crystal-eyed skull, bookended by four Swarovski crystals. Ball and hinge closure. $25.00

Above Right: Swarovski Crystal Flower Barrette- Deco, perhaps? Romantic crystal and rhinestone combination marries a vintage look with a modern take. Goes with everything. Dress it up or down…town. $89.99 on sale

Above Clockwise. Top Left: Swarovski Crystal Vine Comb- Ah, the Appian Way…A glass of wine and thou beside me in the …Two blended tones of Swarovski crystal create the vine leaves. 3.25” x 2”. Available in many, many colors. $21.59 on sale

Top Right: Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Comb- Contrasting crystals in a design reminiscent of Art Nouveau; Tiffany glass. Elegant. Wear your lashes. $39.00

Bottom Right: Lace Floral Comb- A classic. Crystal embellishments. 3 ½” x 2”. Shiny surface. Large sparkle design sits above hair. $48.00

Bottom Left: Swarovski Crystal Flower Comb- “Midnight at the Oasis,” jazz singers draped on pianos; trot out mother’s pearls. Crystals are set in an appealing petal hombre design with a pearl at the center. Available in many colors. 2” x 2.6” $49.99

I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair. Hillary Clinton

Neon Rainbow Gem Hair Extensions- 12 pack: Have fun adding temporary color to your hair. Put them in, take them out. Admittedly hippie. All smiles. Your daughter? At $5.99 a package you know you’ll find someone if you choose not to try them yourself.

I’m such a blonde. It just doesn’t make sense for me to have dark hair. Jessica Simpson

Hershesons Hair Bow Large- Clip in bow (ABOUT MESmooth, synthetic hair) available in six shades. Pin it anywhere for a lark or haute coiffure. Something of a hoot, really, unless it matches, and then oooooo. $44.84

Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer
Here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy.
“Hair” by James Rado/Gerome Ragni

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