are we there yet opener

“Are We There Yet?” Playthings for Car Trips

are we there yet opener

Everything here is portable, safe, and fun. Keep them happily occupied in the back seat between snack and bathroom stops with some of this summer’s more imaginative playthings.

Above Left: Tell-Tale- 60 illustrated 1.75” cards and 7 games with rules should you choose to play their way offer endless possible tales based on images. If you’re participating in a game, speed counts. If not, a story could take hours and miles. Encourages verbal abilities and reasoning, holds attention, stimulates imagination. Ages 5& $12.95

Above Right: Spot It! On the Road Travel Game - He hit me, she pinched me, I’m hungry, I’m bored, when are we going to get there???!!! Enough. This game may make you wonder whether the little ones are, in fact, yours. Players draw cards then look at the window to find street signs, stoplights, even a driver with a moustache. The first person to spot each symbol on his/her card wins the round. Each game takes 10-20 minutes. Includes 55 4” diameter illustrated cards in a handy tin. $12.98

Write and Wipe Travel Activity Books

These colorful, well illustrated, activity books have games for 1 or 2 players. Quiet siblings?! Each comes with two markers and a cloth to fill in, wipe off and write again. Stiff enough to lean on as if a desk top, they’re great for moving vehicles or camp beds. Both have handles.

Above Left: Fairy, Mermaid, Princess has a maze, tick-tac-toe, numbers, letter and word games, code breaking (with answers of course), connect the dots, a Once Upon a Time with blanks to imaginatively create a story and more. 17 pages. 9” x 8 ½” Ages 5-9

Above Right: Get Going America! Has a “California Dreamin” story to create, a Northwest Rainy Day Maze, a Texas Squiggle Doodle, a game from the Windy City, a search-and-find in New York City, New Orleans numbers puzzles, Gator Bingo, a D.C. Dot Box and more! Ages 7-10 @ $12.99

Magnetic Make-Me-A-Story by eeBoo

Magnetic boards (no problem with losing pieces in moving vehicles) with foldable easels should you be offered table arms on a train, plane or bus. 28-32 different magnets in each set create endless plot lines with or without your help. It’s never too early to encourage imaginations.

Above Left: Robot’s Landing offers a planetary outpost manned only by robots. Children give the characters names, games, obstacles, chores, and stories.

Above Right: Fairytales- familiar characters suddenly do the unexpected in your child’s directorial hands. Stories mesh and recreate themselves anew. What would happen if the prince went after the wolf or a princess tricked the witch with no help from her usual rescuer. Also Forest Adventure and Animal Cottage. Ages 5& @ $14.00

The best Travel Journal we found

Encourages powers of observation and description. When you stop at a hotel, pages can be copied onto stationery or local postcards to keep in touch with friends and relatives. After the trip, your child can share his/her memories with buddies. 128 page spiral bound book with a Packing list, Daily Log (Including suggested topics like “The Best Thing I saw Today” and “The Best thing I Did Today,” sketch pages, Itinerary, Address pages (new friends?), 16 fold-up stationery sheets, 2 sheets of stickers, front pocket for souvenirs. 6 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches $12.00

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