At Honey in the Rough, Playing Dress-Up with a Pro


Ashley Hanosh knows dresses, inside and out. She’s passionate about clothing, and knows what fits your figure, your style, and your budget. She knows what cuts will flatter your legs, what fabrics will cling in all the right places, and what prints will stand out in your wardrobe. She’s incredibly good, but what’s truly incredible is that she might even know all of these things better than you.

At Honey in the Rough, her charming and inviting Lower East Side boutique, Ashley offers her customers an expertly curated selection of dresses, featuring everything from smart daytime casual looks to the types of avant-garde frocks you can only dream of owning in that glamorous New York life that we all (or at least I) secretly pine for. Ashley claims she has a problem buying dresses and then never wearing them, but I agree with her that it’s not the worst problem for a New York girl to have.

A friendly neighborhood boutique with world class tastes, Honey in the Rough also offers a complete line of make-up services to complete your look for a perfect night out on the town. What Ashley calls her “boutique-meets-boudoir” is sure to delight all of your senses as you relax and indulge in one of the greatest sartorial pleasures around: dress shopping.

And she will play dress-up with you, encouraging you to try on pieces that you’d never think to even take a second look at. She knows her collections well, and enjoys just having fun with customers to see what cuts might flatter their figure or bring out a bold side of them they didn’t know they had. From the boutique, she’ll pair your dress with the perfect necklace, perfume, or stunning shade of nail polish to match. The service is so personalized, that when you buy a dress at Honey in the Rough, Ashley records your picks so you receive exclusive previews and details about your chosen designer’s upcoming collections.

The store’s spring collection is just coming out of previews, and offers everything from belted and playful summer cuts to decadent cocktail dresses with Victorian and Greek flair. Stop by the store on Rivington to check out handcrafted jewelry designs from Aesa, Iggy and Lou Lou and beautifully cut pieces by New York natives Madison Marcus, Judi Rosen, Sue Stemp, and Thread Social.

Honey in the Rough is located at 161 Rivington Street, in the Lower East Side. The store is open every day, Monday through Saturday noon to 8 p.m. and Sunday noon to 7 p.m. For more information, email info@honeyintherough.com, call 212-228-6415 or visit http://www.honeyintherough.com.

2 Responses to At Honey in the Rough, Playing Dress-Up with a Pro

  1. amylayla says:

    If Ashley can’t get to all the dresses in her own closet, I’d be happy to take some of them off her hands! Great article, great store.

  2. Stephanie Russell-Kraft says:

    Thanks! She just got a ton of new dresses in, be sure to check them out!

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