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kidson beach featured

Sharks. Most of us associate the word with the film “Jaws.” Your child probably watched it on television, boys with glee, girls with trepidation. A younger generation may have awareness from characters in “Finding Nemo.” Like any monster, making a plaything of what’s scary means laughing in the face of danger.

Shark Water Slide For those of you with a backyard available, this cool, inflatable character fish offers activity, escape from the heat and wholesome fun. Kids whiz along the shark tunnel, through the shark’s jaws, and into a landing pool. Great for groups. Includes a pair of aqua goggles. Simply attach a garden hose. 18’ long. Ages 4& $29.98. Dual-Action Foot Pump for easy inflation- $11.98

Shark Toss & Catch Game In or out of the pool (the balls float) this back and forth toy focuses young eyes to gauge distance and accuracy. Really, you should see them scurry. The nets are big enough so that aim doesn’t have to be perfect and sufficiently giving that the child has help tossing it back. Includes game ideas. Each laughing shark “net” is 17” x 9”. ABS plastic, polyester, foam. They say ages 4&. I’d say a big 4 or 5&. $18.00

Giant Shark Book For kids who really want to know. Whether you’ve been watching The History Channel together, visited The Museum of Natural History or an aquarium, this 10” x 13” fold-out 28 page book will show and explain larger than life creatures of the deep like the great white, a giant squid, and massive snapping turtles. $10.00

Going to the Beach?

One of those it’s about time they invented this items: Blue Plaid Sand-Free Beach Mat A unique patented technology first developed for the military allows sand that used to accumulate on your blanket or towel to fall straight through the mat. Terrific for beach, camping, picnics. Imagine-no more sand on food, on your electronics or in hats.   Regular Size: 5’1” x 6’6” $59.98; Large 6’6” x 6’6” 74.98 Shipment 6/11

Give your little paddler his/her own Personalized Beach Chair. There’s a back pocket for a book, towel, Nintendo-whatever. Just like the grown-ups. Up off the sand and hot deck. Chair is 31” x 15” x 2” when folded. Sturdy wood frame, acrylic fabric. Allow 2 weeks for personalization. $98.00

Shell Collecting Bags A place for everything, everything in its place. These light mesh bags won’t rip or rust as they drain sea water and hold your child’s fabulous finds. How about a competition? The strangest, the biggest? Shells can be become keepsakes and/or elicit discussions of sea life. Shoulder strap for hands-free convenience. 10.25” x 7. 25” with an18” long strap (which can be knotted to shorten) In blue, green, or red with “shells” on each colored strip to indentify purpose. $12.98

Beach Accessories

Water Friendly Sneakers Protect his/her feet when teasing the waves, looking for shells, or building sandcastles and from hot sand and sidewalks walking to the ice cream stand or to and from the car. Cute, lightweight slip-ons with an EVA upper sole. Treads prevent slipping on seaside rocks or patio tiles. Available in aqua, hot pink, lavender, lime, or navy in sizes 4-9.On sale! $12.99

Super Sunglasses How cool are these?! You know they’re not going to be still until exhausted, so protect precious eyes at play. Peace of mind in a practical accessory. Of course they care how they look (a bonus) 100% UV protection (UVA and UVB); professional grade frames and lenses shatterproof and impact-resistant. Adjustable neoprene band keeps’m on. Ages 3-7. $18.00


Some of you may remember the Mermaid Fins from last year’s list. Still delighting little girls who are fearless in the water. You’d be amazed how the tail creates momentum, not to mention the happy look of it. For all aspiring Ariels. Lightweight, soft plastic with adjustable foot strap; just slips on. $34.00

Coral Mermaid- 22” of hand-knit cotton best friend. Super soft, Machine wash, so no fear of water should she get dunked or soaked while playing. See that the mermaid gets a name so when spoken to she responds. A good traveling companion. $48.00. Mini Anemone Mermaid- 12” for smaller hands. $38.00

Remote Control Submarine by Swimline

Your young pilot can control this 11” x 6” sub from poolside or floating in a tube- navigating missions, making the vessel turn left or right, climb or dive up to 4’ below the surface. He’ll be the envy of every kid in the neighborhood and spend hours murmuring commands, transfixed by the smooth stealth under his control. Equipped with searchlight, seven function radio control, dual rotating propeller drive, remote control transmitter controller. (Not for use in salt water.) Takes 1 9 volt and 4 AA batteries not included. Age 8&. $49.98

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