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Barbecue Gifts for the Grill Master

grillmaster featured

You know him- he won’t let anyone else touch the grill, wears a special apron, and bastes with something aromatic. She’s happy to host outdoor parties where dripping meat and spilled wine can be hosed away, to eat healthier, to gather friends and perhaps hang some lanterns. The grill stands on a patio, in the backyard, or on a small urban terrace. They serve sirloin or burgers, fish or chicken, corn on the cob or an assortment of aesthetically pleasing vegetables. Whether you’re spending the weekend or an afternoon into evening, here are some gifts to bring to the barbecue. (The quotes are all apron sayings)

If I’m on Fire This is not a Training Exercise (Please Extinguish)

Mr. Bar B Q 18 Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set

If he or she has been making do with mismatched pieces, this will surely add a smile to the festivities. Portable too for the country house. Set includes: 3-in-1 spatula, tongs, fork, knife, basting brush, grill brush, 4 skewers, and 8 corn holders, Extra long finger grip wood handles. Durable case 23” x 2.9” x 12.1” $32.99

Real Men don’t use recipe (?!)

Alert Talking Remote (Wireless) Grill Thermometer

Really, someone had to invent it. Insert the stainless steel probes in the center of beef, chicken, or fish-use the controls to select the type of meat being cooked and how it should be done-rare, medium rare, medium or well done. A voice prompt will alert you when your entrée is “almost ready” and then “ready.” There’s even a belt clip so the host can mingle at a range of 300’ and a display backlight for nighttime grilling. Uses two AA and two AAA batteries, not included. $69.99

Never Trust A Skinny Chef

Barbecue Gift Set

A select grouping of special products to acknowledge the attention of the chef while the rest of you sit around having a cocktail or beer. Hickory wood gourmet smoking chips, Steakhouse Rub-an all natural blend of California garlic, onion, Pacific sea salt, brown sugar, Worcestershire and peppery spices, Jalapeno-Peach BBQ Sauce- jalapeno chilies and sweet peaches slow simmered with ketchup, brown sugar, and roasted garlic, professional quality 8” basting brush, mini smoker box with fresh herbs—boxed in a 13” x 11 ¾” x 5 ½”wooden crate with ribbon. $49.95

This grill ain’t big enough for both of us

Monogrammed Carving Board

Good looking enough to bring to the table as well as to be used for practical purposes. Give to the host who has already bought him/herself everything needed (there’s probably a chef’s hat on a hook somewhere) and will beam with pride and pleasure when you present this unique gift. Sustainably harvested North American Vermont maple board personalized with one carved initial. Deep perimeter well to collect juices. Integral handles. 20” x 14” and 1” thick. $100.00

How do you like your steak burnt?

Smoke Flavor Wood Chip Sampler

Set of 3 smoke flavor wood chips: mesquite (ideal for beef, salmon, poultry), hickory (for seafood, poultry, lamb and vegetables) and sweet apple (with seafood, sausages, pork, and vegetables) Natural wood. Contains no pesticides or chemicals. Each pack intended for one-time use. Box is 5.63” x 4.65” x 5”. $12.95

Vegetarian is an Indian word meaning “Bad Hunter”

Make a Corn on the Cob Kit with these 3 separate products- a truly unique gift

Left: Amco Corn Desilker (you heard correctly)- Removes silk from any sizes ear of corn with flexible brushes-no damage to kernels. Insert corn through desilker, move up and down the cob. 5” x 3 ¾”. Simple and effective. Can’t beat that. $7.01

Center-Set of 8 Corn Picks- Each 2.5”. Barbecues are messy enough without getting butter and salt all over your hands, not to mention the heat. Sturdy stainless steel prongs with ridged, easy grip, thermoplastic yellow handles. Top rack dishwasher safe. $8.95

Right: Butter Boy Corn Butterer (uh huh)- Just insert half a stick of butter, pop the top and neatly glide across the ear of corn. Easy and cute. Also serves for buttering pots and pans, keeping hands clean. When you need more butter, just press the plunger. Store upright in the fridge. Dishwasher safe. $5.99

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