Be Cool with Haute Gloves


I am always looking for the best winter accessories that will keep me warm and fashionable as I brave the cold and chilly East Coast weather. My favorite must-have item this season would have to be a pair of stylish gloves.

I love pairing unique gloves to compliment one of many wool coats in my wardrobe or add flair to a simple outfit. I look for a few key elements when searching for that perfect pair—embellishments, comfort, durability, or even hidden features. Join me as I give you the scoop on some of the hottest gloves around this season.

Carolina Amato

At the present, my favorite glove designer is Carolina Amato. She has a niche for artistic design and exclusivity. Her gloves are pure fashion glam. From soft leather driving to arm-length blended wool gloves, Carolina Amato has something for everyone. Her designs have graced countless magazines and editorials that have garnered her rave reviews about her finely crafted gloves. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! (Lambs Wool/Angora glove, $40)

High tech Hands

At first, I was a little skeptical about touch screen gloves. I thought it was just another gimmick. One day I grew frustrated trying to use my Android phone with chilly hands and decided to try Msoft Echo Touch Gloves®. I contemplated buying yet another new techie invention I don’t need. The gloves have a special fabric called Elink on the thumbs and index fingers formulated to interact with touch screen devices. I was impressed. The gloves were comfortable and fit well. Theses gloves are worth every penny and stylish to boot. (Cashmere Msoft Echo Touch Glove, $78,

Glove Alternatives: Warmers & Convertible Gloves

One for the must-have items this winter are wrist and arm warmers, or convertible gloves with fingerless tips. I like making a standard sweatshirt pop with a pair of blue jeans and my bacon and egg wrist warmers. They make a great conversation piece and add to my personal style. In addition, nothing beats a good pair of mittens when the winter wind is unforgiving. Opting for a pair that doesn’t seem juvenile can become a task, but I have found a good balance with cute sweater inspired and fingerless mittens, which add a touch of pizzazz. (Wrist Warmer, $32 and Under the Cable Knit Gloves, $20, )

I currently have about 50 pair of gloves and love each and every pair. I won’t say I’m a fanatic just yet. I’ll just call my “glove love” a pending fashion addiction. Check out these great websites for the hottest gloves around.
Neiman Marcus Last Call

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