beach house featured

Beach House Gifts for Yours or Theirs

beach house featured

Ah the beach house…yours or theirs. Walking out the door barefoot onto sand, dining on the deck, listening to lapping waves, watching the sun set. Languorous days you might consider leaving the blackberry and/or laptop at least inside if not home in the city. A fruity drink in the afternoon. Biking into town for the papers. Volleyball?! Hard to imagine after endless weeks of rain soaked Manhattan. Everything is different out there- décor, lifestyle, seasonal friends. Herein some gifts for the house…yours or theirs.

Enamel Boat Appetizer Dishes

Aren’t these nifty? Simple yet descriptive. Great for seafood or salad. Sail into the meal with a smile. Especially stylish on a blue and white tabletop. Durable, lightweight, also useful for sides-asparagus or fries? White 8” x 4” x 1” rowboats with blue rims. Hand wash. $10.50

Sea Shell Place Card Holders

Set of 10 (2 of each design) all natural shells. Pretty on any summer tabletop but especially apt at the beach. For natural settings. Use their cards for big parties for an additional $3.00 a set (blanks for table numbers), or yours with simply names of your guests. Festive but subtle. A great hostess gift. On sale $9.95

More For the Table

Left: Vista Tongs in Scalloped Shell Design- Really, everything needn’t match, but a tabletop piece or two with shells will pull it all together. Add napkin rings or perhaps napkins with a shell motif. Makes a good summer gift. One never has enough servers when entertaining. 10” stainless steel tongs On sale $59.75

Right: Woven Rattan and Wicker Seven Compartment Organizer with Metal Frame - Carry it all outside at once-holds plates, napkins (special latch keeps them from flying away), condiments, flatware…White. 12 ½” x 11” x 7”. For meals on the patio or packing a picnic on the sand; smaller gatherings. $19.95

Distinctively Beachy and Great Gifts

Left: Vintage Sand Pail and Shovel Set- Whether merely decorative or actually used on the beach, this set is sure to please with its family heirloom look. For those who wistfully remember, those who long for seemingly more authentic eras as depicted in films and books or parents who just want to keep their kids from the barrage of cartoon licenses. 11 ¾” x 7 ¾” tin with wonderful vintage illustration. $19.95

Right: Vintage Sack Pillow- Says it all, doesn’t it? Soft linen-like fabric. 15” square. Filling 100% polyester. Goes with any somewhat rustic décor. Add a little humor to the pile without being obtrusive or crass. For those who otherwise would shy away from sayings. There are others in the collection should this particularly appeal. $19.95

Collapsible Americana Drink Tub Cooler

More attractive than the metal tub most people use and practical to boot. Stands upright when filled with ice and beverages, then folds flat to store neatly. Fill with beer, Skinny Girl Margaritas, or wine. Americana design in red, ecru and blue. 100% cotton outer. Insulated. 23” x 11 ½” x 10 ¾”. $29.95

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