Byblos Milano’s “Orient Impress”

Byblos Milano’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection combines the strength of the samurai with the femininity of the geisha. That theme can be summed up as “Orient Impress.”

Byblos Milano takes inspiration from Beatrix Quentin, aka Black Mamba, the fictional character in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill film series, and the geishas portrayed in Arthur Golden’s novel, Memoirs of a Geisha. Women attracted to these clothes, in the designer’s view, are strong and hip, but also sensual.

This collection centers around one focal detail  – the Obi, a sash that can be a fashion accessory for a kimono or part of a uniform for martial arts. With these clothes, the Obi worn with kimono-like dresses, defines the waist, or embellished with silk bows, is thrown over a shoulder like a shawl. Skirts and dresses, constructed from light fabrics in a kaleidoscope of colors, float gracefully, accentuating the feminine theme.

The softness of the dresses is given heft with the outerwear – bomber jackets and military-inspired jackets, some of them cropped with large circular sleeves. These jackets can be worn casually during the day to layer for warmth or spice up an outfit. Another brilliant accent – military hats and caps. Just switching a few pieces results in a new look that can easily go from work to a cocktail party. Learning how to mix and match is a must.

There are trousers and shorts, something for every taste and figure. Some pants are straight with vinyl inserts on the hips or wide with large pockets. Brilliant colors bring the collection alive. There are bright greens with some patterns resembling camouflage, and reddish-purple broken up with neutrals.