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Cocktail Rings- Frivolous Dramatics

rings featured

A Cocktail Ring is traditionally large, dramatic and worn at parties. Especially popular during Prohibition, they were meant to flaunt style in the face of restriction. Many Cocktail Rings pretend to be something they’re not. Trot out the old mink and few can tell. There’s nothing wrong with “costume” jewelry, however, nor is it necessarily inexpensive. A well designed bauble of this nature is decorative and often a bit flashy. There’s a trick in buying one of these: make sure the thickness of the band supports the weight of the stone. A big head on a narrow band means every time you move your hand, the face swings. The only exception is a vertical stone. And have a good time. These are meant to be ostentatious. Wear two!

Alexis Bittar Siyabona Fern Gold Chrysoprase Cushion Ring

That’s a mouthful. This chunky piece will elicit is it or isn’t it gazes? Its setting- Ruthenium plate/gold, rimmed in Swarovski crystals- is detailed enough to look like gold, jade and diamonds, but needn’t feel at all embarrassed offering impact without the worry. Superb color. 1.5”. Gold tone band runs from wide to narrow keeping the stone stable. Glamorous with a gown but just as pretty with something more casual. Erica saves this one for occasions so her friends wonder. $275.00

Kanupriya White Agate Oval Gold Brim Cocktail Ring

No masquerade here. This handsome, ancient looking accessory will separate you from the crowd. Elegant, distinctive and arty. Wear with Reem Acra at night or with Gap during the day. Victoria intends to pack it with an arm full of narrow gold bangles for her creative pitch in California. She’s sure it will bring her luck and, well, be noticed. 22k gold plated, white agate, cubic zirconia. Adjustable 3/8”Band. Ring top 1 ¾” x 1 3/8”. $138.00

Erickson Beamon Envy Oversized Swarovski Crystal Ring

Now this is drama! Look at the size of it-practically rests on neighboring fingers. (Really, the model should’ve had her nails done.) Abstract, sculptural configuration implying the wearer’s depth and heightened sense of aesthetics. Try to find gold earrings with texture, nothing too bright. Aurora has a floor length silk skirt and bolero jacket suit with which this will smile. She walks like a dancer. Her hands move with surety and grace. Blue and transparent Swarovski crystals, large blue faceted crystal, gold-plated. $355.00

Kenneth Jay Lane 22k Gold-Plated Crystal Ring

Pale and shimmering, this very feminine piece goes well with light colored clothing. It’s perfect for resort wear, a bit ethereal. When the season changes, pair with navy or brown for optimum effect-or white wool. Deborah was drawn to its translucence. She usually gets a French manicure, and wears pink toned lipstick. There’s a wedding on her calendar and a charity ball, both of which call for a bit of bling. And this is about as big a bit of bling as she can imagine. Pave crystal and pink resin cabochon embellished. 2” circumference of stone, 1” embellishment. $125.00

Kenneth Jay Lane Maltese Cross

Abby loves classic St. Laurent and Chanel, still wears oodles of pearls and chains-sometimes with jeans and prefers color to monochrome. She has a nose for cool designers and a way with mixing and matching separates. That the ring is frivolous is not a negative attribute to her. She imagines it with plaids come Autumn intending to wear it during the day. Cubic zirconia, pink and green cabochons, 18 karat gold-plated. $190.00

Black on Black

Left: Low Luv by Erin Wasson Wide Plated Black Crystal Cocktail Ring- A marriage of Art Deco and contemporary. Casually cool or dressed up in a sleek, minimalist fashion. Combine with malachite pieces. Definitely a choice for anyone who lives in black. Erin’s very constructed wardrobe will set this off. She’s drawn to fine tailoring, quirky tucks, pleats and silhouettes. Some nights she mousses her hair into spikes. PS1 and The Film Forum are second homes. 14k yellow gold plated base holds a trio of faceted black agate crystal spears measuring almost an inch wide. $130.00

Right: Emilio Pucci Brass Onyx Ring- Kapow! Not for a small hand. Equally ready for a cocktail sheath or enormous cashmere sweater and leggings. Red lipstick and nails. Great with chandelier earrings. Samantha blew her monthly budget on this one. It spoke to her of vintage-she haunts those shops. Eclectic tastes include Brian Eno, Bjork and Cole Porter on her ipod and a collection of silent movies. Inspired by ancient Egyptian geometrics and again, Art Deco. 1.4”. Detailed side embellishment. Brass, glass, onyx $335.00

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