fashionable beautiful woman with bright make-up

Cuffs: The Best Arm Candy

fashionable beautiful woman with bright make-up

Cuffs are emphatic, some more so than others. They make every gesture count, draw the eye to your manicure, take the place of several clanging bracelets, and punctuate the sleeve, if there is one. They’re feminine, sporty, ethnic, elegant… A good cuff can be a centerpiece, even at the end of your arm.

Above Left: The Mason- Bright, clean, modern, and rather architectural, this piece looks real (ie, not plated,) possibly vintage. If you’re wearing other gold, be careful to match its tone, if not finish. A confident adornment. Good for boardrooms. 14 k Gold plated, oxidized silver plated, or oxidized brass plated. 2”. Malleable. Handmade in New York. $295.00

Above Right: The Billy Cuff- The subdued finish and textured “rope” effect will work wonderfully with everything from jeans to tweeds. Textural mix is a sure way to achieve a stylish look. Think hues, not colors. Oxidized brass or silver plated. Handmade in New York. $420.00

Evelyn Knight Carnelian Cuff- Slightly beaten, classical influence with raised, inset, deep red/burgundy carnelians. Thin and fine. Patrician. Pick up the color in a belt, shoes, or earrings, but careful not to get matchy. It will stand just as well on its own as an accent. $163.00

Above Top: Gold Hammered Cuff by Sequin- This one looks ancient, perhaps Greek or Roman. Beaten surface lets it more easily coordinate with other gold. Copied from something found in an archeological dig? Bargained for in a market overseas? 2.25” wide; 2.5” diameter. Malleable. $65.00

Above Bottom: Christie Martin Mod Cuff- Round and round and round in the circle game. Remember the song? Life’s chapters side by side, overlapping, concentric. A great looking piece with movement and open space. Sterling silver, gold plated. $520.00

Above Left: Leopard Zuma/Loma- Safari chic never seems to go away. Mix with browns, blacks, and camels. Wear in tandem with wood or bone bangles or other jewelry. Soft leather interior. Two sizes- Zuma: ¾” wide $180.00; Loma: 1 ¼” wide $205.00

Above Right: Cheetah Print Bracelet- Goes with simply everything. Casual, yet finished looking. Furry wide band with covered belt loop and stud closure. 100% leather. $18.95

Above Left: Kara Ross Large Gold/Lizard Shirt Cuff- For a more tailored, definitely distinctive look. This piece seems to have Bauhaus influence. Succinct and controlled. Lizard inset with hematite detail on ornate closure. 2 1/2:” wide. $310.75 on sale.

Above Right: French Connection Metal Section Bangle- Sport alone or with gold tone bracelets on the other wrist. Nice knock-around piece for everyday casual wear. Useful. Light. Tortoiseshell look acrylic section with grooved, gold-tone metal insert. $34.48

Above Top: Amrita Singh Shearwater Stretch Cuff- Black and silver for stealth and subtlety. All day and on to cocktails. Serious or frivolous depending on the rest of the ensemble. Delicate. Gunmetal plated brass, resin stones; faceted stone detail. Adjustable. $100.00

Above Bottom: Kenneth J. Lane Deco Black Hinged Cuff- Glamour, glamour, glamour. Russian Wolfhounds anyone? Don’t leave it behind on the sink of the private plane you’ve borrowed. 2” wide. Resin bracelet embellished with turquoise stones and Austrian crystals. Locks in place with magnetic closure. $350.00

Marianna Tall Antique Style Beaded Cuff- Looks much more expensive than it is. Smart color combination. Wonderful for fall clothes. Vintage inspired. Rich brown and turquoise Lucite beads with brass metal gold tone finish. The textured setting detail enhances the abstract design. 1.75” wide. Smooth polish bezel setting. $23.00

Left: Jadyne’s Gold Antique Style Multi-Color Crystal Cuff- Whimsical Bollywood feel. Look at the different way the stones are shaped and set! Brighten your outfit and your mood. Add color elsewhere. Put it out there! (You never know…)2” wide; stretchable. Brass base metal, antique gold finish. Faceted crystal stones. $36.95

Right: Melba’s Green Crystal Garland Style Cuff- Art Nouveau influenced flowing vines. Dressier than its sister for color choice and leafy flow. Feminine. Clear, green and olive crystals. Brass base metal. Antique gold finish. 2” width, stretchable. Both

Above Top: Rena’s Intricate Floral Pearl Cuff- Looks like a million dollars. Wait until you put it on with velvet or satin! A stage whisper saying tantalizing things. Original, irregular movement. Synthetic pearls, Swarovski crystal stones. Brass Base metal, Silver tone finish. Smooth polish, brilliant cut. Inlaid setting. 2” width. $66.95 on sale.

Above Bottom: Lois Hill large Tapered Cuff: Picture this with Ralph Lauren urban Western clothes or a pencil skirt and jacket. Artisan like. Confident. A signature piece you may find yourself putting on every day. Sterling silver. Beautifully detailed. $458.00

Ornate Deco Hinged Cuff by Badgley Mischka- Treat yourself. They’ll ask whether you inherited this piece or purchased it at Fred Leighton or Sotheby’s. Be ready for jealousy. Be proud. Looks singularly vintage. Spectacular, really. Quietly decadent. Glass rhinestones. 14k Gold plated. 2” $350.00

Above Left: Erickson Beamon Brave New World Cuff- Powerful superhero-ish piece. Modern and yet ancient…Aztec? A fireworks burst-contained. Speaks of ready energy. Let them wonder. Bold Swarovski crystals and Japanese pearls. Sterling silver. 3” width. On sale $374.00

Above Right: Navajo Deco Cuff by Badgley Mischka- Another show stopper. Wear it insouciantly with jeans or elicit surreptitious stares with a more formal ensemble. Fabulous piece. Glass Crystals. Adjustable. 3” wide. $650.00

Above Left: Paley Cuff by Kendra Scott- Ethereal pizzazz. Looks like a stained glass artisan decided to go rogue. Extremely striking against pale skin or dark colors. Navy is the new black? Hinged, petal like segments. 14k gold plated. 2.25” wide. Malleable. White and gold. $188.00

Above Right: Blydesign Liza Cuff- A blooming bouquet of Lucite roses in pale, rosey toned ivory. Emphasize femininity by wearing it with chiffon, lace, or something that skims the body. Let your curls escape. Pale lipstick and careful, smoky eye makeup. Metal, brass stones, Lucite. 2” width.

Above Top: Rodrigo Otazu Yellow Moonstone Colored Stone Cuff- Artful, not arty. Terrific, incandescent color, unique design. Highbrow but not snobby. Resplendent. When did you last use that word?! You must have a birthday coming up. Yellow moonstone Swarovski crystal. 2” wide. $425.00

Above Bottom: Rhoana’s Chunky Green Threaded Mixed Bangle Set- Rich color, subtly banded. Whether with nubbed Dupioni silk, slinky satin, or merino wool, this piece will accent with a knowing smile. The thread makes it much more interesting, warmer. Brass base metal, gold tone finish. Crystal stones, green thread. 2 ½” wide. Inlaid setting. $49.95

Natalie B. Jewelry Spiritual Harmony Cuff- This handsome piece is very organic looking. The stone’s setting with irregular copper colored rings, makes it distinctive. Its color is ripe for coordination. Tri-metal cuff with Onyx, Lapis, Labradorite insets. (comes in several different combinations) $143.00

Above Left: Alexis Bittar Spring Fern Gold Cuff- Iconoclastic design. Graceful, but unsymmetrical. This irregular configuration and striking luminous color choice is about as artistic as it gets. 18kt gold plated imitation fern/green amethyst/hydroquartz light citrine/hydroquartz; Swarovski crystals. Adjustable. $345.00

Above Right: Rambler Gold Cuff by Amanda Assad- Earthy, crafty, and fun. A truly unusual piece. It’s the “Go big or go home” school of thought. Mixes nature and not. Glam rock sensibility. Topaz Agate slice’ beads. 2” wide. $298.00

Above Top: Best Bunch Cuff by Nakamol- Wear a very unprom-like bouquet on your wrist. Deep, warm color, prettily arranged. A cuff with finesse. Terrific near browns and tapestry greens. Green agate, magnasite, tiger’s eye, quartz, Czech crystal, mother-of-pearl. 2.5” width. $78.00

Above Bottom: Slice of Summer Bracelet- It’s the color that makes this-though the combination of wood and resin adds. Simply handsome. Very German Expressionist-remember all those green faces? Unusual mix, flattering shape. Slices of exotic robles wood, star vine, and resin. Lightweight, made by Filipino artists. Pewter findings. Stretch. 2” wide. $168.00

Mali African Bangles- Ok, so they’re bangles, but put together a stack- at this price you can-and achieve the same presence as a cuff. Multi-colored, multi-textured. Ethnic without being political. Easy to wear. Soft-no clang. Cool with jeans. Handmade in Los Angeles. Each different and unique. Wrapped. $14.00@

Above Top: Kara Ross Small Shirt Cuff Bangle-Mint Stingray- Stingray has always been a coveted material. Think of the wonderful Art Nouveau décor pieces covered in slightly raised texture and soft hues. Classy and Classic shape, modern construction. Ladylike. Stingray aqua agate, 14k gold plated hinged cuff with magnetic closure. 1.2” wide. $252.00

Above Bottom: Marilynn’s Wide Turquoise Beaded Cuff- Unintimidating but definite. Delicate but expansive. East Indian influence. Nice touch of color when we’re swathed in darker woolies. Brass base metal, gold tone finish, formica stones. 3.25” wide. Inlaid setting. $54.95

Wendy Mink Hammered Cuff with Blue and Aqua Calcite- Like gathered bubbles. Traditional Eastern design marries European design principles. Clean, simple, yet unexpected. Delicious blue and aqua calcite. Very patrician in appearance. 14k gold vermeil. 2.5” wide. Malleable. This item is made to order. $300.00

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