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accessories featured

Unfussy fashion is chic. And especially popular when it’s HOT. Shapes that become architectural in Winter are often easy now; standing away from the body, flowy. Little is textured or layered. Much is solid in color. Accessories tell the story-who you are, how you want to seem, in what mood you dressed. The more distinctive your “add-ons,” the more you set yourself apart from the pack. Here are some that will make an outfit, capture peripheral vision and raise an eyebrow or two. The sites will offer more.

Tiffany Mosaic Stretch Bracelet- The illusion of shimmering glass in an eminently wearable piece with jeans or a cotton gauze dress. Pick up the blue elsewhere. A little shadow at the corners of your eyes? Stack this with simpler bangles as a focal point. Catches the eye without grabbing it. The border from Garden Landscape 1905-15. Resin. 1 ¾” w. $50.00

Red Printed Snakeskin Hobo Bag – Let’s face it, we leave in the morning with everything we might possibly require short of swim goggles. It all has to fit in something smashing looking, preferably not made out of nylon, printed with a promotional logo or covered in bulbous pockets. This splash of red will zing up an ensemble now and into autumn. $167.00

Russian Imperial Guilloche Watch – Elegant and subdued. Here you have the green with which to play. Great with bone jewelry or clear crystal. Pin on a big flower or drape a light scarf. So what if your phone and Blackberry tell time, this is jewelry! Based on a round table clock made of gold, pearls and guilloche enamel created in the workshop of Faberge. Quartz movement. 14k gold overlay with Swarovski crystals. Leather strap, 1”, adjustable. $77.50 (on sale).

Monet Shawl-This looong diaphanous shawl is perfect over a sun dress or halter top when the sun goes down. Thin enough to breathe, long enough to double drape if there’s air conditioning. Perfect with gold jewelry and sandals. Adapted from Claude Monet’s Water Lily Pond. Made in Italy. 27” x 70”. $158.00

Patrice Amazonite and Mother-of-Pearl Dragonfly Choker- Strong, but delicate. Culturally interesting. Attractive mix of texture and pale blue. Gorgeous against a tan. Pick up the blue elsewhere. Add some drop earrings. A focal point. Handcrafted in Florida by designer, Patrice. Limited edition. Chinese amazonite and mother-of-pearl with brass. 17” with 1.875” medallion on 24k gold plated brass. $290.00

Green and White or Blue and White Silk Hat- These are flattering in shape, easy to manipulate for dramatic effect and offer a whisper of color where none is expected. Grand for the races, polo, or the patio, the Hamptons or shopping in Greenwich. Refined enough for the city. The color of your lipstick counts. $89.00

Organic Metal Leaf Bangle- Terrific irregular shape and so light you’ll barely know you have it on. These go with simply everything. Aren’t you bored to death with yellow gold? Mix your textures. A raffia or woven silk bag? Sandals that tie up the leg? A horn ring? Beaten silver or gold tone. Made in Mexico. $127.00

Furisode Shawl- Another wonderful wrap from The Art Institute, this deep red accent piece is finessed with branches and white blossoms so that too much courage isn’t required to wear the color. Particularly splendid over black or white. Inspired by the traditional furisode kimono of 19th century Japan. Silk. 27” x 70” $135.00

Blue Satin Evening Bag- Diminutive with good lines. Navy blue is the better black. Subtle and striking. Sometimes the absolute best place to find the unique and stylish is vintage stores. This site is particularly good. “Rosenfeld” bag from the 1940s. Asymmetrical pocket. Wristlet cord. 6” x 10” comes with size 7 ½ matching gloves, high sheen satin coin purse, and two sided mirror. $115.00

Tropical Punch Earrings- Unplaceable ethnic. Super movement. Real pizzaz. Great palette . Really Different. A little edgy. These would look great with a short haircut or hair pulled back. Hand painted Swarovski Crystal by Erickson Beamon; 22k gold plated. 3” long. $430.00

Silk Bandhani Scarf- And now for something a bit more casual…rich color, intricate repeating pattern gives the illusion of being stitched. Long enough to wrap around and around when the temperature drops. Campfire on the beach. Up in the mountains. Good for traveling-you can crumple this one. Handmade in India using tie and die methods. 12” x 50” $120.00

Paley Crystal Cuff – Ethereal but not insubstantial. A feminine whisper. Worn with an afternoon sundress or wide evening trousers. Gold with white, turquoise or coral earrings might look especially striking. Floral but not cutesy. Catches the light. A Kendra Scott design. 14k gold plated, 2.25” wide. Malleable to fit various wrist sizes $ 188.00

Red Leather Wide Double Buckle Belt- Really smart looking center of attention. Comparable shapes cost $400 and up with designer labels. Clean, bright color with air conditioning. If you’ve got it, flaunt it-a waist, that is. $ 70.00 Would you believe

Vintage 1960s Andrew Geller Monitor Lizard Skin Leather Handbag- Vintage, of course. This is a beauty. Everyone will ask where you got it. Profoundly rich looking-not that you care about that sort of thing. Will set off any simply cut ensemble. Polished. Snap top frame closure. Leather lining. Black suede handle. 12.75” x 6.5” x 3” $245.00

Multi-Color Semi-precious Beads- It’s the color! Like a jeweled lei. Or strands of undulating coral. A statement piece. Confident but not forward. Indelible panache. Hook clasp. Amethyst, Peridot, Blue Topaz and Quartz Beads. 18” $220.00

Origami Net Scarf- Devil may care lightness with terrific detail. Perfect for all white or jeans. Feminine but not frilly. Gently gradated blues create a soft net-like texture framed with delicate silver metallic. Inspired by Japanese Star Festival ornaments created by cutting and folding paper. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. 21.5” x 53” $89.95 (on sale)

L.Erickson Double Wrap Shantung Sash- Sometimes it’s just this simple to pull it all together. Generous silk tie gives whatever you’re wearing a finished look. Separates suddenly look as if you’d purchased them together; loose dresses gain definition; casual pieces grow just a bit fancier. Wide enough to cover the indulgence of dessert. In beige, black, grey, light pink $ 78.00

Silk Moondust Petals Scarf- Light, luxurious, lustrous. Really, who needs a feather boa?! Elegance personified. Titania might wear this. Keep the earrings simple-diamonds dahling, or rhinestones. Mulberry and Dupioni silk 5” x 68” $ 170.00

1980s Bling Belt Purse- Vintage. Gold studs embellish what must’ve been a disco belt/purse in faux black leather covered with colored rhinestones. Too too much fun! Wear it with short skirts, cropped pants, or jeans. Just going out to the market-you don’t need the big sack. Or dance the night away. Like they did. Purse chain and buckle are matching gold metal. Belt size small 34”. Purse %’ x 4”. $45.00

Erickson Beamon White Wedding Necklace – Even the runway shows end with a wedding piece and who’s to say you have to get married?! Gorgeous, over the top and truly unique. Stop m’ in their tracks with this piece. Anyway, it’s a pleasure to look. Swarovski Crystals, Japanese Glass Pearls and Sterling silver $1105.00 Plating adjustable 15” – 17.5” long

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