Dori Csengeri Hand Embroidered Jewelry

Dori Csengeri graduated from the “Shenkar” College of Fashion in Tel-Aviv. She designed textiles at Tootal Fabrics in Manchester, Cyril Kowalewsky in Paris, and freelance but found herself frustrated by not having any control over the ultimate production or end use of her art.

While studying at the Academie de port-Royal in Paris, she started experimenting with collage. “This is how the soutache cords landed on my desk. From there on, the road to jewelry was fairly short…with time and experience, I developed a needlework technique which is suitable to the creation of textile-based jewelry.” It was the right path. Dori Csengeri Hand Embroidered Jewelry was founded in 1987.

Each season, the designer adds to her collection of cabochons, fine stones, crystals, bohemian beads, shells, wood and metal components in accordance with fashion forecast colors and themes. Dori haunts flea markets and shops whenever she travels, facilitated by having offices in Milan, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Tokyo, and Tel-Aviv.

Inspiration comes from art, nature, a new material, texture, juxtaposition of elements, or color combination. A group of single “objects” is laid out together, then Dori begins to sketch, but not on paper. Designs are formulated by embroidering segments of ideas and colors. From these the most appealing are chosen, scanned at real-size, and passed on to studio artisans who have learned to create three dimensional replicas. Pieces, which take from a few hours to a few days to compose, are all lightweight and backed with leather for comfort. Earrings can be ordered with clips, with ear posts/ear wires, or with omega clips (combination of clips and posts.)

A Csengeri client has “defined taste and personality…she can play the game of fashion and participate in the creation of her own image.” The jewelry is elegant, beautifully crafted, and completely original in technique. Its sumptuous richness is a rarity among jewelry not based on precious stones. Creations from the Csengeri studio are rightly thought of as wearable art. Check out the site for earrings (immeasurably light) large and small, cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, brooches and rings. There’s a couture area (the source of our opening piece) of limited editions which tends to elicit deep sighs and a Bridal area with pieces that might lend themselves to pale gowns and the most splendid of occasions.

Dori Csengeri is having a wonderful time. Your turn.

Photos of Jewelry (in order shown):

Opening photo: Dori Csengeri with Euphoria Limited Edition Haute Couture Necklace $3360.00 Cabochons, Swarovski cupchains, enamel glass beads. Necklace length 18.9”, 4.7” drop at center.

Left to right:

Portofino Necklace $508.00. Necklace with natural turquoise beads, Swarovski crystal cup chains and crystal beads. Necklace size- 17.7”, center element 2.8”

Gustav Bracelet $589.00. Bracelet with tinted shell leaves, vintage glass flowers and Swarovski Crystals. Bracelet size 7.5”, widest part 4.3”

Left to right:

Quadrille Earrings $514.00. Multicolor ear clips with Swarovski crystals, enamel cabochons, and glass beads. Length 5.9”, widest part 1.8”

Glam Rock Earrings $321.00. Ear clips with matte finish metallic sequins, metal flowers, and black glass beads. Length 5.9”, widest part 1.6”

Candy Multicolored Earrings $308.00. Candy color ear clips with glass cabochons, golden-pearly crystal beads and Swarovski crystals. Length 3.5”, widest part 1.2”

Left to right:

Sans Souci Neck Piece $867.00. Necklace with manmade cat’s eye glass cabochon and beads, metal sequins and lurex cord. Necklace size 18.1”, central element  2.8”

Romantic Brooch $246.00. Pin with handmade Czech glass lampwork beads and Swarovski crystals. Length  2.8”, widest part  3.3”

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