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Forever Blowing Bubbles!

bubbles featured

Bubbles have been around for as long as…well, a very long time. Creating such wonders of nature, watching them grow, sail, reflect and dissolve is one of the last simple, joyful experiences of childhood…and should be encouraged.

Quotes by 11 year-old Quality Consultant Chloe Raizner

For the Littlest Kids

Right: The Little Kids patented No-Spill Bubble Tumbler REALLY IS what it says it is! Once the wand is inserted, you can knock it over, watch it roll along the floor and pick it up with merely a slight drip. Honestly. No more mopping up puddles or washing t-shirts after play (well, not for this!) Includes wand and 4 oz premium bubble liquid. $4.99-$5.99. Comes in a three-pack of minis at $6.99 or a No-Spill Bucket (handle) with three wands that holds up to 32 oz. of no stain, no dyes, non-toxic. bubble liquid (sold separately) $12.99.  Multiple award winner including Oppenheim Toy Portfolio’s Gold Seal, Parents’ Choice Classic and National Parenting Publication Gold Award.

Left: Chuggington Bubble Train Whistle- You should have seen my tester’s face when the train whistle not only made a sound but spewed bubbles! Really it’s worth the photo op alone. Includes 2 oz . no stain, no dyes, non-toxic bubble liquid and dip tray. In three different engine colors. Age 3& $4.99

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Go Bubbles

All Aboard Thomas Go Bubbles- Powered by Super Miracle Bubbles-Lift the roof and pour in the bubble solution-8 oz included (refills available). Pull the easy trigger under the handle (a child’s hand around this will almost automatically push it) and the bubbles comes out of Thomas’s smoke stack! You can see the solution level through a clear window in the engine’s side. Smooth rolling wheels take the toy across dirt, grass, and patio. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included) Whoo! Whoo! For the young and short. This handle, as you can see from the photo with the boy bending slightly, is not very long. Age 3& $20.00

Disney Princess Go Bubbles- Powered by Super Miracle Bubbles- This one looks like the royal coach. All details are the same. Age 3& $24.99.  Just one of many sources of additional bubble solution.

Bigger Kids Bubbles

Left: Blastos Bubble Blaster- Great for pools or just backyard fun. Imagine the feeling of power. Comes in blue or pink for pistol packin’ girls. “The bubble-shooter is really fun: once you pull the trigger a few times, it brings the solution up and starts shooting a long stream of a ton of bubbles. It’s fun and portable: all you have to do is screw the bottle to the shooter and you’re done. Cons: you need to have 2 AAA batteries and a screw driver of a perfect size to open the battery box as the screw is deep-set. Also once you’re done playing, if you want to leave the soap bottle attached to the gun, you have to remember to leave it up right, otherwise, the soap will spill and you have a mess. Remove the bottle and put the lid on for another use.” The blaster is about 6” long. $6.99. I’d advise buying extra no stain, no dyes, non-toxic bubble solution $4.99 for 32 oz.

Right: Blastos Supersize Bubble Wand- “That was the most fun bubble maker I have ever played with. The soap solution is very thick: all you have to do is dip your wand in it and wave you arm and you get the thickest biggest bubble you have ever seen. If you twist your wrist, you cut one bubble off the wand and you get to do another one straight away because the wand is recoated with soap from the grooves all around it. The bubbles last longer than usual and don’t pop right away.” Includes extra large dip tray and 8 oz no stain, no dyes, non-toxic bubble solution. $7.49

Both also at TRU

Super Miracle Bubbles Bubble Turbine

“What a fun, fun toy. This set is powered by 2 batteries – you don’t need to blow, just pull the trigger. It comes with 2 accessories: one hollow disc and another disk with holes for bubbles to come through. Both pieces attach to the bubble gun by clicking into 2 grooves. The hollow disc makes one giant bubble at a time, and the multiple-hole disc makes many huge bubbles that attach to one another. The solution is thick; bubbles come out really thick and glistening. The only downside is that the bubble solution bottle is really small and we went through it really fast.” $12.99

Bubble Thing

This set is awesome! (as the kids would say) The 22” wand and huge fabric bubble-forming loop can actually create 10-20’ bubbles! No kidding. Watch the video! Comes with powdered bubble mix that makes 2.7 gallons of amazing soapstuff by adding it to a mixture of Joy and Dawn dishwashing liquid and water. Who THINKS of these things?! When you run out of the mix, either order more or make it yourself! Recipe included. Great for groups or interacting with the kids.  Age 6& $15.99.  Bubble Thing’s Big Bubble Mix Refill-makes 5.4 gallons! $7.95

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