Fun in the Sun Hat


Whether you’re wearing one to shade yourself on a beach, a boat, a summer walk, or simply for effect, these oversized wide brimmed hats do all they promise in terms of practicality – and more. Exude mystery, style, and femininity. Waft into a patio restaurant, peek from beneath to make your purchase at an outdoor art show, listen to a park concert surrounded by privacy of your own making. If you don’t usually wear a hat, this is a perfect opportunity to play. A little drama never hurt a lady’s image.

Helene Berman Floppy Bow Straw Hat

Wonderful proportions, a flattering shape, terrific color, and oh, the bow! Polished enough to wear at a polo match in the Hamptons or a café in Ibiza; with a dress and heels or designer cuffed shorts. The brim is about 6 ¾” wide. Looks fabulously expensive but isn’t- always an appealing bonus. $198.00


Above Left: Rag and Bone Wide Brimmed Hat- Slightly floppy polyester/cotton woven straw design in a beautifully face framing silhouette. Brown band-easily replaceable. Look how prettily this sits. The kind of hat that could easily carry a scarf instead of band or silk flowers. Think of it as an empty canvas. Your face, of course, is the art, but you might decorate a bit in accordance with what you’re wearing. $220.00

Above Right: Eric Javits Swinger Raffia Wide Brimmed Hat - One from the master milliner. Polyproplene/rayon/polyester-his hats are meant to last. More constructed than some of the others, a perfect sun shield and finished topper. Add a band or wear natural. For those who lean towards muted colors, wood, bone, skins; jeans. The hat for a fresh face and casual (not sloppy) attitude. $ 350.00

Big Brim Raffia Sun Hat

The malleable hand-woven shape and fiber of this hat allows you to play with movement and positioning, the amount of your face and hair you want revealed, its tilt and expressiveness. 4 ½” crown, self bow. No lining. Comes in: navy, dark brown, fuchsia, orange, lime, red, Teal (above), Turquoise, and yellow! (Buy two) $59.00

Kate Spade New York Sun Hat

Color contrast and elegant sun protection. Straw and linen hat that’s rather more urban, though perfectly suited to the Cote d’Azur. Shop, wander, sightsee. Finished enough to wear with a skirt or silk pencil pants. Rather old money in aura. A traditional accessory with a modern grass green wink. $78.00

San Diego Hat Company Fine Braid Hat with Silk Top

A real garden party hat. The original has an ikat print tie, but you can replace it with any scarf to coordinate with an outfit. This style will look especially well with a little black sundress. Cocktails on the deck? The black showcases your face. Lipstick please or you’ll fade away. Paper/polyester/silk. $145.00

Wide Brimmed Straw Picture Hat

A 1930’s movie star picture hat with sweeping brim and low crown. The proportions and shape of your face will dictate whether this is the one for you. Is that Kate Middleton? A ribbon-cutting topper. Or take to the races. Brim shape is adjustable at about a 6” width. Feminine. Wear with soft, flowy dresses or tops. $42.00

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