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New Products for the Home from Armani/DADA
And Michael Graves Design Group

armani dada opener

The recent unveiling of new lines for the home from the creative enterprises of Giorgio Armani and Michael Graves were a reminder that good design incorporates three main elements – form + function + style. And, it’s available at any price point to a broad-based consumer market. Starting at the high-end, Armani/DADA and the manufacturer the Molteni Group present the ultimate in elegant, luxurious kitchen systems showcasing the designer’s signature imprint of simplicity and elegance. On the other end of the price spectrum, we have the egalitarian approach of the Michael Graves Design Group (MGDG) who joined oneCARE’s R&D team to develop ergonomic, cleaning tools for busy people in need of lifestyle solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at the latest offering of these two innovative/designers.

Armani/DADA Presents “Checkers”

The Armani/DADA line extends the designer’s belief that kitchens are “where the practical work of living occurs.” What better place for this to happen, for family and friends to congregate to eat, drink and make merry than around “Checkers” the third in a series from the Armani/Dada that continues the collections’ functional, sophisticated modular kitchen systems (opening photo and below). The checkerboard look with its geometric patterns in modern materials and finishes come in black granite countertops, wood frames of Santos or black oak, black painted glass or patterned glass, wall cabinets with pull-out and sliding doors among its features. Its tech feature includes an integrated system of linear LED lights. With an aim to bringing Italian style to a global audience, the Armani/DADA and Molteni collaboration has, so far, 144 Armani residencies in the world’s tallest building Bur Khalifa in Dubai with plans to install kitchens in an even taller building in Moscow’s Federation Tower now under construction.


Michael Graves Design Group (MGDG) philosophy “Design for All” is represented in the firm’s edgy product lines sold at Target’s nationwide stores. The latest, the outcome of years of trial-and-error testing under the umbrella of oneCARE, is a series of tools – five in all – that make the arduous task of cleaning easier. The superior construction minimizes bending and stooping – a boom for those with bad backs – while it’s design has the look of a cool gadget. Michael Graves, who for twenty-five years has been at the helm in creating the firm’s iconic industrial products, sets the tone with an adherence to its core principle: “What we seek to do with all of our projects is to combine great functionality with elevated aesthetics.” Target currently offers 200 popular product lines for the home each with the MGDG’s distinctive, graceful, yet playful style.

The Dual-Scrubbing Roller Mop combines a robust scrub-brush with a triple-layer textured sponge that can be removed cleanly and easily thanks to a finger-operated release feature.

The Gentle Sweep Broom is safe for all floor surfaces with an eleven-inch wide, angled head for corners and tight spaces. The accompanying Dustpan features foot pedals to control it, while sweeping, and reduce the need for bending.

The Microfiber Twist Mop not only includes an ergonomic twist-and-click handle to assist in wringing, but is also a tangle-free, machine-washable, super-absorbent microfiber mop head.

All three of the stick goods feature padded mid-grips are designed to reduce fatigue during prolonged cleaning.

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