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WowWee, a twenty year old Canadian owned company, has always had a nose for cool tech.In the mid nineties they sold six million Power Rangers interactive sound gloves (which made noise when the kids struck out). These were followed by Animal Planet (licensed) animatronic animals. In 2004, they created Robosapien, the first robot that was a toy, not an adult plaything masquerading as a juvenile product. Robosapien was, additionally, the first commercially available biomorphic robot—it fused both tech and personality. Further evolved robotic “toys” have been developed since then.

WowWee nurtures engineering and design teams rivaling most scientific facilities researching adult products. Their “proof-of-physics” requirement has to be passed before any model goes on to the design department. This is a group of what The Disney Company calls “imagineers.”

Paper Jamz, the newest division of the company, is an extremely clever and creative way to answer a child’s music aspirations without making a major investment. A toy and not a toy.

For your own aspiring Jason Bieber, Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus. Suggested Age nine and up, the hottest rock n’roll toys come from Paper Jamz.

These cool looking Guitars are 27” x 9 ¾” x 1/8-1/2” plastic-backed images with Active Graphics tm technology—jam by touching the surface. Really light. Line-out jacks for earphone or amp; volume control; built-in speaker.$24.99 Straps available at $5.99. Each of 18 designs comes with three licensed rock songs (some examples shown) which can be played many ways:

1. Demo Mode—full song—your child pretends to play.

2. Perfect Play Mode—No guitar track. Strum anywhere and the guitar will come up correctly even if you’re out of sync.

3. Rhythm Mode—for more musical kids. No guitar track, but you have to strum at the right time for the guitar track to play properly.

4. Free Style—No guitar track. Every fret is a chord, major and minor. You don’t need to know how to finger them, just where they are. Only the chords (1 ½ octaves) are active.

5. Karaoke Mode—No singers.

6. Suppress the drums…because…

There’s a Drum Set! $24.99 19” x 10 ¾” x 1 ½”- Six, in fact, each matching a guitar in design and songs. Same track variability.

AND an Amp (4 designs) $14.99: 12” x 11” x 4.” You’d never know from the sound quality it’s teched-out printed cardboard. Works with anything that has a headphone jack, i.e. iPod, computer… It thinks it’s a grown-up.

A great way to determine if he/she is serious about lessons.

To purchase a guitar or drum set, click on the photo. More information on the entire line at www.paperjamz.com

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