Put Tony Hawk’s “Ride” on Your Holiday List


A new game is revolutionizing the video game industry, and for good reason. I previewed the new Tony Hawk game “Ride”  recently and it is amazing. I don’t play video games, but my thirteen year old son does so I brought him along. Not only did my son get to meet Tony Hawk and watch him preview the game for himself (not surprisingly, Hawk got the high score of the night), but my son and his buddy also got to play the game alongside its namesake.

This game is played on a skateboard and is totally interactive. The player stands on a motion sensing skateboard (without wheels) and “rides” through a variety of terrains such as skate parks, pools, steps and buildings. The graphics were amazing, there are no fancy buttons and it is easy to get started playing right away. The player performs tricks as if he were truly skating outside. You don’t need skating experience to play the game, but having some helps. I was lost listening to the boys discuss kick flips, ollies, manuals and 180′s, but it was a lot of fun watching them jump, spin and turn. I was tempted to try it myself, but I was wearing heels which wouldn’t work on a skateboard.

My son and the other kids there loved the game and even worked up a bit of a sweat playing. It definitely requires some coordination to play, but after a few times through, the kids really got the hang of it. We signed up to purchase ours months ago as my son is a big Tony Hawk fan, and I predict it will be a popular holiday gift item. I am looking forward to trying it out in the privacy of my own home—sans heels.

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