Portrait beautiful  girl in retro style

Scarves Create an Image

Portrait beautiful  girl in retro style

The French are masterful with this particular accessory using them liberally to freshen an ensemble or wardrobe. Brighten, soften, or add interest. Try tying in different configurations, tight or loose against the throat, knotted, folded, wrapped. Godsend for a plain sweater or uninspired jacket, they can also, of course, be practical. You must know someone with a convertible for those Indian Summer days?! How To Tie a Scarf will provide tying options.


Left: Ribbon Plaid Scarf- Anabelle was finished with her Burberry. She’d give it a proper send off, of course, donating the classic, in tissue, to her local thrift shop. It was time to get some color into her life. Orange gloves? Maybe she’d paint the living room red like that of Diana Vreeland. Well, one wall anyway. Warm, soft merino wool, unisex, reversible, and finished with short fringe. 80” x 12” $95.00

Right: Right Angles Scarf by Tolani- Bethany knew this scarf would become her signature piece. And probably the only thing she’d buy for ages. Work and home had blurred as thoroughly as night and day. That’s how it was with start-ups. She knew. She believed. The scarf was kind of the way she saw programs form. And it made her smile. 100% silk. 80” x 30”. Online exclusive. $68.00

Madewell Bicycle Scarf, wrapped and flat

Christina was delighted with the unexpected gift. She hadn’t thought Peter had even noticed her especially. Riding through the Pyrenees had been beautiful and tough. Peter was very fit. He seemed to really enjoy the trip but mostly kept to himself. Would he telephone now, she wondered? Vintage bicycle parts on 100% wool. Black and white. 38 ½” x 38 ½.” $58.00

Warm Hues

Left: David Wright Scarf-Diana was a classical musician unlike other classical musicians she knew. Curious about art, she visited galleries and museums wherever the orchestra was booked…while the others studied scores or napped. One day, she knew, she’d paint. It was her biggest secret. She was considering a small tattoo in order to have a bigger one. Adapted from a rug design for the David Wright house, Phoenix, Arizona. 60% rayon/40% cotton. 16” x 72” $48.00

Right: Tory Burch Reva Oblong Scarf- Evelyn had style. It carried into her home, her appearance, her work, even her manners. A little on the conservative side, she was determined never to be stodgy and closed. Last year she went zip lining in Hawaii. Next month she would begin to learn to cook Chinese. Really, there must be a way to translate that to men without dating a Hell’s Angel. Cotton/silk. Self fringe edges. Large logo detail printed in center (no one sees unless you want them to).28” x 80” $185.00

Teal Velvet Ruffle Scarf

Felice shopped vintage. She wore long skirts even when everyone else went short. In October, her button-up boots would come out of storage. And her hats. She loved lace, owned a record player and wrote letters on stationary. Well known psychologists, her parents had her on a computer at aged two. They think this is a phase. Hand-pulled silk ruffle fringe on velvet. 11” x 64”. $115.00

Diane Von Furstenberg Busby Day Scarf

Gillian was a gallery girl, an intern. She was well educated and told she had an eye. Would that be enough? “Associates” were being supported by their parents. Gil had a small inheritance from her grandmother. When that was gone, she’d be on her own with an art history degree…and SO didn’t want to teach. Not that there were jobs available. Pops of bright yellow and covered button trim. 42” x 42”. 75% viscose/25% wool. $195.00

Diane Von Furstenberg Hanover Scarf

Hilary was addicted to travel. She’d taken every student trip she could negotiate and once thought of being a stewardess. These days, she read National Geographic and, what’s the name of that American Express Magazine? This would be the year. Harry promised to take her somewhere exotic for their anniversary. All her dreams were filled with possibility. Hilary had resolved to go alone if he backed out again. Lightweight silk 50% and wool 50% blend. 40” x 80” Eyelash fringe trim. $195.00

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