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There are so many perfumes and colognes on the market these days, how can you find one that you can truly make your own? If you can’t afford to license your own scent, then head to either Bloomingdale’s or Henri Bendel’s to make your own.

Memorie Liquide—Bespoke Perfumery was launched in 1984 by two sisters, Robin Coe Hutshung and Jennifer Coe Bakewell, to satisfy their lifelong fascination with fragrance. Their preoccupation has turned into a gift for the rest of us. Rather than choose from already made perfumes, we get the opportunity to create our own by choosing from a potpourri of scents.

We visited the Bloomindale’s counter where Michael Jean Baptiste, Memoire Liquide’s fragrance specialist, was a skillful guide. Our group of three quickly began to sniff and sample the numerous bottles filled with exquisite scents.

There were so many fragrances we loved, how to choose which ones to select for our own special perfume? Constructing a pleasing scent isn’t as easy as it sounds. While choosing a half dozen scents sounded like a good idea, this concoction could easily turn into a witch’s brew. Don’t worry. Michael was there to help and gave us the expert guidance we needed.

Although he has had customers combine up to seven scents successfully, he suggested we each choose two. I opted for lilac and leather and the resulting combination was musky, slightly floral, and reminiscent of an English garden. Michael did the mixing and presented me with a small bottle equipped with a roller ball for easily application.

Perfumes are characterized by notes-a top one you experience when you first apply the scent, a middle one when the scent has been worn for a while, and a bottom note that continues to linger. Many times when you first apply a perfume, the experience is pleasing, but becomes less so as the day wears on. That was the experience of one of our party who felt her perfume “turned.” But she is determined to find her scent and is planning a return visit.

My new scent held its own for an entire day. In fact, the low notes became even more appealing. In short, I love my new scent. I’m now working on a name. Stay tuned.

Memorie Liquide
At Bloomingdale’s and Henri Bendel’s

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