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We love Boutique Off Broadway on West 72nd Street! Come to our shopping event from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, May 13, and you will fall in love, too. Lynn Dell, the creative force behind this wonderful West Side fashion emporium, has arranged entertainment, refreshments, and a generous discount. If you are looking for that special outfit for a spring fling, look no further. You are sure to find it at Boutique Off Broadway. Deborah Nowello, jazz vocalist, will entertain while you enjoy wine and cheese and discover wonderful fashions.

Following the shopping event, cross 72nd Street to dine at Seven Mediterranean Turkish Grill, offering a special discount that evening to Lynn’s clients. Lynn  loves this restaurant, and after one visit you will know why. (See our review in Dining Around).

Lynn might be the first person you encounter that evening when you enter the boutique. Off Broadway’s founder, owner, buyer, designer, merchandiser, style maven, and resident bon vivant (for forty-one years) Lynn is a woman who loves what she’s created, loves what she does. The shop reflects her pizzazz.

The second thing you’ll see is the jewelry department.

While other buyers are only attending organized trade shows at which everyone has access to the same pieces, Lynn travels at least three times a year to such places as Greece, Spain, Vietnam, China, India, Morocco and Mexico where she looks for inspiration and interesting materials. She consigns for the creation of jewelry while abroad in accordance with her unique artistic instincts. Off Broadway (Boutique) carries jewelry ranging from between $90 and $400 that appears to be much more expensive (every now and then something irresistible is presented at higher retail) and it’s often exclusive!

Pass, if you can, striking handbags (some of which appear to be patent leather Valentino), unique imported hats (for cocktail soirees or practical glamour under the sun—Audrey Hepburn, anyone?) warm or frivolous wraps (attractive respite to air conditioning), and a case of gloves, evening bags and hair ornaments that can happily go to the opera or a Tribeca bistro.

At the center of the boutique, is a popular area of garments rooted firmly in the philosophy: one size fits most. Based on the needs of her own admittedly widely fluctuating weight, Dell offers many silhouettes that can be worn to flattering results by average women past size fourteen; loose, well cut shapes, constructed to be bold and free flowing for those who look to camouflage discreetly without appearing to hide. There are also body-skimming dresses and pants, close cropped jackets, and wrap blouses for slimmer forms.

The particularly appealing color, pattern and fabrication selected, make the clothing distinctive, fashionable, tasteful and easy. Originality is the watchword. There are brave pieces. Some of these garments are made in the Off Broadway Atelier. Other models are custom created abroad, still others carefully selected in the US.

Draped to their best advantage on free standing decorative and wall racks are elegant, often show-stopping evening blouses, jackets, and wraps. This is a boutique that excels in separates. Decorous pieces include sequined or simply gloriously hued silk, taffeta, and jersey. Ruffled, tailored, or embellished, these tops can be mixed and matched with a variety of pants and skirts suited to any occasion. Casual components might be selected from the Moroccan cotton or infinitely packable, mesh collections. You might choose the freshness of a crisp cotton hombre big shirt in gorgeous jewel tones or the layered pouf look of a flirty, polka dot dress.

If you are looking for a hat to shield your face and shoulders from the sun, Lynn has the perfect oversized bonnet (above). And one will be raffled off at the shopping event, as well as a purse with a giant flower on it (below), another Lynn exclusive.

Whether you utilize the advice of one of the shop’s knowledgeable and unusually honest associates (really, you’ll feel like a family member) or pick and play on your own, you’ll be pleased and surprised by the possibilities. Not only are alterations available in house, but atelier-designed clothes can be custom made at little additional cost should you want changes in color or fit.

When was the last time you admired an article of clothing with a wistful, “They don’t make things like that anymore,” or “I wish I’d bought that style years ago,” or “If only I could afford it?” At the back of the shop, Off Broadway’s “Re-Runs” area (Vintage, Retro, Gently Worn, If-Worn-At-All) designer clothing and accessories satisfy these yearnings. Here you might discover labels from Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren to St. Laurent, Ungaro, and Ferre …tailoring or beadwork impossible to purchase in ready-to-wear…classic or unusual shapes…a separate you might add to make an outfit unique…something just a bit out of character but well priced enough with which to have fun…a gown at a fraction of it’s original cost-sometimes brand new or barely worn. This clothing is consigned to Re-Runs by a woman whose size has altered, a widower who realizes the value of his wife’s marvelous wardrobe, an entertainer who’s left the business, a lady bored with her closet. It’s examined, judged, and been cleaned by the inestimable Blanche who takes only that which she feels worthy.

Boutique Off Broadway
139 West 72nd Street
Mail; Delivery; Gift Wrap
Mon-Fri. 10:30-8:00; Sat. 10:30-7:00, Sun. 1:00-7:00

Photo credits: Alan Price

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  1. Vanessa Prat says:

    Love the Spring! And the colors and the flowers! This Boutique embraces that!

  2. vmanlow says:

    I’m glad we’re doing this shopping event. I shopped here twice before and loved the store. I was able to find great gifts–fun, unique, interesting, and reasonably priced–each time.

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