mothersday bfast

Put a Little Kate Spade in Your Mother’s Life

mothersday bfast

It’s that special time of year where we celebrate the one who has loved us unconditionally and provided that nurturing touch for years beyond our memories— Mother’s Day. Every mother, young or old, likes to be recognized on this spring Sunday in May. With the auspicious day landing on May 8th this year, make sure you pick up something extraordinary, no matter what your budget is, to make your mother feel special on the day that celebrates her.

If you’re a savvy New Yorker, you know that almost all women love Kate Spade. Located on Fifth Avenue and West 20th St., this Flatiron fixture it a must visit for all stylish women who are looking to embrace the springtime. (If you can’t make it to the store, the Kate Spade website is great, too). What better than to gift your mother with something from Kate Spade for Mother’s Day 2011?

For budget friendly shoppers- get your mom a new iPhone or Blackberry cover. They come in stylish bright hues that will remind your mother of you every time she is rooting through her purse for her phone. Not to mention that the dazzling color will help her find it! Prices range from $25 for blackberry covers and $35-$40 for iPhone covers.

For the $100-$150 price range shopper- Pick your mother up the Bungalow Scarf for $95. It’s right for mothers of every age and will help her spruce up an outfit. It’s perfect for spring with kelly green and white contrasting fabric, making it unique and distinctive, just like her.

If you want to make more of a statement in this price range, the Lady Marmalade bracelet will do just that. This twelve carat gold plated bracelet, priced at $145, has heaps of pave crystal orbs joined to form a true fashion statement.

For the above $200 price range shopper, the Sea Glass Twisted Statement Necklace is a must have gift for moms. You’ll like it so much you’ll want one for yourself! Priced at $398, the multiple layers of green and blue sea crystals, held together by a small gold turtle embellishment, will make your mother’s eyes glisten.

No matter how your celebrate Mother’s Day 2011, or how much you spend or don’t spend on a present, make it a year to remember by telling your mother how much you love, cherish and value her, which is the best gift of all.

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