Christmas Gifts

Stocking Stuffers- Fun Things Come in Small Packages

Christmas Gifts

Stocking Stuffers…ostensibly have to fit in stockings and are generally less serious than what’s under the tree. Secret Santa Gifts…are usually, but not always, limited in price. Herein some things to please, occupy and function.

Make It Personal

Above Left: Peace on Earth Ornament-Give someone you care for the whole world. All this beautiful ornament needs is the box it comes in and a note to make it the best present ever. Hand-blown and hand-painted glass with 7 continents, crystals in the oceans, and “Peace 2011” painted in 14k gold leaf. $24.50

Above Right- Special Delivery by Wendy Isaacson’s Heart Art-“Here it is, handle with care.” What more wonderful gift than your heart? Wrapped in fine Swiss paper, hand stamped, carefully tied with shipping string, finished with a bona fide stamp. 4&” completely shaped and solid. $73.00

Kid’s Stuff

Above Left: The prettiest jump rope with flower handles. Great exercise AND girly. Wood handles, felt petals, sized for small hands. Rope measure 84” including handles. Made in France. $20.00

Above Right: Studio Skinky Playon Crayon-The perfect first crayons-stackable, easy to hold, stain free, and non toxic! Box of 12. What more could you ask?! Encourage expression with an unusual feeling of safety. $ 12.90

Hexbug Spider Micro Robotic Creatures- Ages 8+ -Touch and sound activated, these creepy crawlies scurry across the floor with a clap. Their antennas help them avoid obstacles by backing up in a half circle and taking another direction. Watch batteries included. 2” w x 1” h x 3” d $10.98

And Hexbug Scarabs- Older? Bigger! but no wiser, this beetle-like second cousin of the micro skitters around on 6 angled legs…making 360 degree turns, moving forwards and backwards, popping right-side-up if placed on its back. Moves really fast. Three button cell batteries included. 2.25” x 3.25” x 1.6” $14.99 Both in many translucent colors. Captivating to watch in chaotic maneuvers, Hexbugs might even buy you an extra hour’s sleep.


Above Left: Reindeer Hot Chocolate Mix- 3, 3 ½ oz. reindeer-topped tubes of rich, toffee fudge cocoa. Each tube makes two BIG mugs mixed with milk. If one of the kids is old enough, you may find them all sipping happily away when you straggle to the tree. A sweet gift for an adult who likes to curl up with a book at night as well. $18.00

Above Right: Christmas Tree Lollipop (set of 3)- Thick ropes of twisted color layer into a yummy peppermint present. Party favors? Break up the set and spread them around. $14.00

LED Action

Above Left: LED Light-Up Shoelaces (4 laces per pack) that can glow, blink or slow flash. Included replaceable battery lasts up to 70 hours. Waterproof. I saw these work and they’re fabulous, but be aware they barely show in the sun. The half light of an inside room or semi-darkness lets them beam away like crazy. Blue, Green, Pink, or Red. 30” l @. On Sale $11.11

Above Right: Color-Changing Light-Up Slinky- Ages 5+ – “Every generation needs a Slinky.” Quite right. I remember the race to find stairs so we could watch them “walk” down. This battery-operated version changes colors with the push of a button. Includes batteries, instructions and the original Slinky song lyrics. $9.98

Diaries! Remember? Shhhhhhhhhhh

Two of the prettiest collection of wonderfully old fashioned diaries. What little girl doesn’t have a world of secrets. Encourages getting one’s thoughts together, observation, learning about feelings, using words. Give her a place all her own to describe, confess and confide. 6.5” x 5.75”, 200 pages, foiled spine; lock and key (of course) $8.95 and up

Practical Gifts

Above Left: Taxi Mittens by Kate Spade-These warm, wool mittens might make any woman’s life easier. Where, after all, are escorts and doormen when one needs them? Practical and zippy. Not a bad way to meet people either. $65.00 one size

Above Right: in.bag Handbag Organizer- Ok, we ALL know about this issue. Something invariably doesn’t make it from one bag to the next. There’s always a lipstick, coins or a card floating around the bottom of the last one. Most purses offer only side pockets and we carry much too much stuff. (Which we need!) Approx. 9-1/4″L x 4″W x 6″H. Features zippered and snap expansions. Just life it out and move it intact from bag to bag. Flat bottom. Printed fabric. $24.99

Cool Grooming Items from Pylones

Above Left: Decorative hairbrushes - $20.50-$23.00 depending on the size. Well made. Pretty on dresser tops, findable in small purses. Some patterns are out of stock on the site, but there are Pylones stores all over and other sites carry the items.

Above Center: Make-Up Blush Brushes -with all colors of hair-find one that resembles her. About 6” h. So nifty looking, she may touch up in public. $24.00

Above Right: Fully “coiffed” body sponges -of all nationalities. Lots of “hair” to soap up. Make bath time fun. $15.50.

Warmth- One Way or the Other

Above Left: Mini Cashmere Warmers- Pocket-sized warmers (set of 2) wrapped in soft, pure cashmere keeps hands toasty when it gets cccold out there. Just place one in each coat pocket. Environmentally friendly gel packs are portable and reusable. A snap of a metal disc activates the gel, which hardens as it heats. Available in 7 colors. $18.00

Above Right: Firelighter Money- Talk about a political statement! Recycled newspaper and wax keeps these lit and re-lightable for 100 uses. Perfect for anyone involved in the financial arena. 10.70 @

“Let Batman Protect Your Wealth” A small Batarang (if you have to ask?!) folds around what money he has left creating the illusion of keeping it safe from evil. Die-cast, sheathed in matte black rubberized coating, with a magnetized clip. Beautifully packaged. You know if there’s a man in your life who would use this with flair (and/or stealth) $39.99

Pretty Things

Above Left: Jeweled Compact Mirror from Katherine’s Collection – (in 3 color combinations) just in time for New Year’s Eve. For touching up with style. Sparkling rhinestones with swirling gold. Two mirrors- actual and 5x magnifying. 2 ¾” diameter, ¾” thick. Storage pouch included. $29.00

L. Erikson Hair Ornaments for sparkle among her tresses

Above Top Right: Crystal embellishment with larger crystal at center. 3.75” x 2.25” $59.00

Above Bottom Right: Crystal embellishment with larger crystal at center 3 ½” x 2” $52.0 These are good pieces, not the copies which inevitably lose stones the second time out.

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