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summer camp featured

Sticky Mosaic Crown of Queens Set

“This is a very pretty set with felt crowns in different shapes and colors which are replicas of actual crowns worn by monarchs. Children will learn about queens like Cleopatra and Queen Victoria. Each crown is color-coded and shape-coded to get the best result in decoration: the child is supposed to match the color and the shape of the jewel to the number printed on the crown. The kit comes with glittery materials that will attract any little girl. Crowns feel comfortable on the head and stay there without slipping because velcro closures are adjustable. This makes a great present.” Reviewer 11 year-old Chloe Raizner. Includes: 6 different crowns,1200 sticky, foam and jewel pieces and a booklet with fun facts about 6 historical queens. Age 4& $19.98

Science Sort-of

Above Left: This 5” long, 2 ½” high Robo Bug will be the hit of your care package-well, of course, there’s the food. (Wings retract and splay out at 5 ¾” width) Your child’s new pet will scurry across the floor or, adding enclosed traction pads make its way across sand, up rocks and down hills! Better this than the real thing! Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. $14.95

Above Right: Rainbow in Your Hand Flipbook- They’ll gather round for this one, every bunk mate and the counselors. It’ll get carried to dinner too. A great way to break the ice and make friends. Most flipbooks create an animated image. The 36 pages of Rainbow in Your Hand, with images of the color spectrum on both sides, creates the optical illusion of a rainbow floating above your hand! Shows up best against something black. 5” x 2.375”. $12.00

Above Center: Make scenic views come into unexpected focus, nature walks an up-close experience, or spy on the kids in the bunk next door. Single-lens Binocular made of a synthetic rubber comes with a handy neoprene carrying case that can be attached to a belt or backpack. Attached to the case are a working mini compass for explorers pretend or actual. Binocular measures 4½”L; case is 2½”W x 5″L. It’s small but powerful. age 7 & $32.00

Pocket Doodles

For Boys, Girls, or Kids- 250 4” x 6” pages of creative doodle challenges-draw a roller coaster or imagine your house inside a snow globe, decorate a dream bedroom, make a picture of someone admired; doodles to create or complete will have them scribbling away for hours. $10.00@

Portable Art Set

Everything she needs tucked into a pretty 7” x 9” shiny, plastic case with handle: 12 crayons and a sketch pad ready to get up and go to grandma’s house, a picnic, the woods or a beach. Encourage creating visual memories, making pictorial letters to show you what’s going on. $24.00

Shadow Puppet Set

The perfect gift for giggling past lights-out at camp. With these 3”-4” characters and a flash light (or single bunk lamp) young Scheherazades can spin tales galore. Great for aspiring writers and filmmakers. Puppets from France include a prince, princess, king, fairy, dragon, witch, donkey, plus forest and castle silhouettes. All made of sturdy black paperboard affixed to wooden supports. $21.00


Left: Bungee Rockets- In the school of when-life-was-simpler: no machinery, no electronics, just simple, uncomplicated, safe fun. Place the loop over your finger, pull back like you’re shooting a rubber band, and fire away! They’ll bounce off furniture or bodies without safety issues. Keep this out of high grass or you’ll lose the rockets. 8” long. Age 4& $8.95

Temporary Tattoos -For some bizarre reason, the real ones still appeal. This is a MUCH better idea. They’ll try to outdo one another and be clean by the time dinner’s on the table.

Above Center: Tattoo Pens- 6 vibrant colors: blue, red, yellow, green, black and brown for creating designs, slogans, tributes to heroes that last several days if not washed off with soap and water. Do not use on face. Will stain fabric. Adult supervision is a good idea. Age 6&. $2.95

Above Right: Dri-Mark Tattoo Markers- 6 pack of brush tip markers: black, purple, pink, orange, green, and blue. Safe and Non-toxic. Contains only FD&C and D&C approved dyes and ingredients. Washes off with soap and warm water. Washable out of most clothing. 6& $8.99

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