Woman in Kitchen

The Single Person’s Kitchen:
5 Items to Make Your Life Easier

Woman in Kitchen

Let’s face it: being single isn’t easy. True, for some, flying solo is the only way to go. But the fact is single people need to eat. And if you’re not inclined to spend every night dining out, at some point you’ll need to grab a gadget or two and start cooking.

While this list isn’t definitive, here are five great items that the single person’s kitchen shouldn’t be without. (To purchase an item click on the product name in red).

Presto Burger Cooker

Who doesn’t love a good burger? No matter what kind—beef, turkey, veggie—there’s nothing like that great American favorite with the fixins’. When you want a burger done your way—plump, juicy and gorgeously broiled—go retro! This plug-in broiler cooks the perfect burger in under five minutes, and clean up is as simple as removing the cooking tray.

Normann Copenhagen Herb Stand

Everyone loves fresh herbs, but sometimes you don’t have the time to run to the market for cilantro or marjoram. You say you want fresh herbs but you don’t have garden space? Kitchen space may be limited but you can reduce clutter and enjoy fresh herbs simultaneously with the clean lines of this Jakob Heiberg designed herb stand. Funky and functional, it holds four herb pots to grow your favorites indoors and comes with a handy pair of scissors so you can snip your way to freshness with every meal.

Jokari Pasta Basket

You’re an adult, all grown up with grown up tastes. You crave pasta but SpaghettiOs doesn’t cut it anymore. With a variety of pastas to choose, the toughest part of your day shouldn’t be cooking too much pasta when all you need is one serving. The silicon Jokari Pasta Basket lets you measure, cook and strain a serving of your favorite tagliatelle, ziti, gemelli or any type of pasta.

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker

On those mornings when you drag your tired body to the kitchen, you crave a cup ‘o joe and you can’t wait on Starbucks. You need coffee and you need it now.

It’s the single serve coffee maker to the rescue, and Keurig makes one of the best on the market. With the introduction of their first single serve in 1998, Keurig has become a leader in the industry. Keurig’s price points vary wildly by models, and you could probably buy a cheaper brand altogether, but remember you get what you pay for.

And with so many varieties of single-serve coffee packs, called K-cups, to choose from, you’ll never get bored with coffee again.

Procter-Silex Slow Cooker

There’s something special about a meal prepared in a slow cooker—it’s flavorful, moist and tender. But did you know slow cookers aren’t just for large family meals? While some cookers have a capacity of six quarts or more, others are as small as one and a half quarts—a perfect meal for the person on the go. Simply fill it with your favorite meats, vegetables, stocks, etc. before you head out the door in the morning and return in the evening to a ready-to-eat meal.

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