Top 5 Gadgets to Keep the Vino Flowing

Wine. Few people will admit that they dislike this decidedly adult fermented alcoholic beverage. For every three individuals who have an affinity for a good bottle of vino, there is at least one connoisseur who could educate the masses on the complexities and special nuances of that bottle merely by glancing at the label. However, it is possible for even the most high-brow of wine puritans to be somewhat lacking in the accouterments department when it comes to his beloved vino.

Where it concerns wine, you can’t have enough cool stuff to go with it. From aerators to wine cellars, below are five must-haves for any well-equipped wine arsenal.

Skybar Wine Chill Drops

For a unique take on the chilled vino-by-the-glass experience, the Skybar Wine Chill Drops offer form, function and finesse. Wine chill drops let you chill a glass of wine in mere minutes. Made of polished stainless steel, the chill drops’ fluid lines resemble a stunning piece of modern art. The difference here is you can actually utilize this wonderful work of art. The set includes two chill drops and two cups to hold the drops when not in use.

Allavino Classic Uncorking Machine

Add a touch of classic detailing to any décor with this imposing looking uncorking machine. Constructed of zinc alloy and steel with a polished antique bronze finish, it harkens back to an era when the opening of a bottle of wine was an event in and of itself. The wooden base of this beauty is crafted in a smooth cherry finish and the ornately detailed hardware makes this piece a standout in any setting.

Menu Wine Breather Carafe

If you can take a nice, deep, refreshing breath, why can’t your wine? With the Menu Wine Breather Carafe, it can do that very thing. This clever creation can aerate a bottle of wine in about two minutes. Once aerated, you can serve straight from the decanter, or flip it over to have the wine flow back into the bottle and then pour. Watch below for a demonstration:

Wine Tree Console

You have one, two, three or more bottles of wine, and now you need somewhere to store them…but not just anywhere, because not only do you have a discriminating palate for good wine, you have discriminating tastes. Nothing but the best will do for you. That’s why you choose this beautifully modern Kendall LeCompte’s Wine Tree Console. Pricey, yes, but when a multi-functional piece such as this comes into your life that can add a sense of style to your décor, you learn not to ignore it. The console, made of sculpted steel and glass, holds eight bottles of your favorite wine and the glass table top has room for glasses, hors d’oeuvres, spirits, etc.

Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Old school thinking dictated that red wine should be served at room temperature, while white wine is best served chilled. Nowadays, most people toss that mentality out the window; whites and reds are fair game for chilling and now they can be done simultaneously with the Cuisinart Dual Zone Wine Cellar. This exclusive design allows you to chill both red and white wine at two separate temperatures in the same unit. On one side, keep up to six bottles of your favorite Chardonnay, Riesling or Semillon while on the other side chill your Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon or Barolo at a slightly higher temperature. Both zones have your choice of temperature ranges from 39 to 68 degrees and the smartly designed brushed metallic unit will work well in practically any kitchen.

Once you have these items, you’re well on your way to becoming impressively well-stocked for any wine lovers occasion. But most important of all, don’t forget the wine!

Valerie Albarda is an author and freelance writer with an almost insatiable love of traveling and cuisine. She pens two restaurant-related columns for a local news website and is the creator of the food-centric blog, “Bon Vivant: One Woman’s Exploration of the Culinary Landscape.” Her recently released book, Gettin’ Back To Happy, is available on, as well as her two previous titles.

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