Top Spring 2011 Looks—Attain Them With Fashion Cents!


You don’t need to be rich in order to have an up-to-date and stylish wardrobe. The trends for this spring are all over the chart; it is really a perfect storm of styles influenced by decades past and hybrid looks. Here is a short composite of a few of the freshest trends, hot out of fashion week’s oven, and I’ll show you a way to get the look for way less than you would expect.

Trench Dress Mafia

The shirt dress and the trench coat finally hooked up and their illegitimate daughter is the oh so feminine and classy “Trench Dress.” This super elegant hybrid was a hit on the runway, and is going to be a mega trend this spring, as its simplicity and elegance is timeless. Burberry has a ladylike double-breasted sleeveless trench dress for $850.00, and Michael Kors has created a tan safari belted trench dress for a whopping $1495.00.

The $1495 Michael Kors’ Trench Dress:

The $895 Burberry Trench Dress:

But have no fear; you too can be trench chic without literally paying a grand! Nautica’s navy trench dress is a reasonable $89.00, and Polygon has its own ultra cool version of the trench dress for only $16.00!

The $89 Nautica Trench Dress:

The $16 Polygon Trench Dress:

Mod Squad

The 1960s Mod look made a comeback for fashion week; models sported brightly colored mini dresses and tent coats. The mod look is all about skirts and dresses being high (real high) above the knees, bold colors and geometric patterns. Kate Spade has recreated a mod look with a vibrant little number for a not so little price, $495.00. offers a just as much fun equivalent for only 26.99!

The $495 Kate Spade Dress:

The $26.99 Modcloth Dress:

Bangle Up

Load up your arms with fun chunky bangles this spring. A big and bad bracelet can jazz up any outfit; but a whole pack of them makes the outfit. Marc Jacobs has some really interesting ones such as the ultra modern industrial faceted resin bangle priced at $61.00. You can wear more inexpensive ones that are equally as fun for just $6.80. Stock up on super cheap bangles at Forever 21.

The $61 Marc Jacobs Bangle:

The $6.80 Forever 21 Bangles:

Disco Dress Fever

Seventies glam is back and so are the long flowing dresses. Shoulder revealing psychedelic and satin pieces will be perfect for chilling out in the V.I.P room. They are just as appropriate for a book day in the park, perhaps while listening to KC & The Sunshine Band. Tibi’s solar eclipse silk-chiffon backless dress is fabulous but priced at $345.00. Forever 21 has some far out alternatives, a long off the shoulder ruffled top dress designed for a disco queen, at a peasant price of $24.90, and a real groovy patterned one too, for $27.80.

The $345 Tibi Dress:

The $27.80 Forever 21 Dress:

The $24.90 Forever 21 Dress:

Platform Storm

Platforms are making a comeback once again. Platforms and wedged shoes are always a great way to add height without adding too much hurt. Platform sandals and chunky soled shoes look amazing when combined with frilly springtime dresses. They can also look super hot with a pair of high-waisted short shorts for that sultry hot pants wearing 1970’s girl look. The new platform sandals by Michael Kors are big in height and big in price: a pair will take you down $750.00. Go to Payless instead and pick up a way cuter pair of Pandora wedge sandals for 20 bucks!

The $750 Michael Kors Platform Sandal:

The $19.99 Payless Pandora Wedge:

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