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What Would “Mohawk Guy” Use?
Top 5 Geeky Kitchen Gadgets

bobak opening

“Mohawk Guy” Bobak Ferdowsi, the uber popular flight director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission, has achieved the status of overnight sensation based solely on his hair. He has made it cool to be, well, geeky, but that’s not such a bad thing. While he may not be the epitome of the thick Coke-bottle eyeglass sporting, pocket protector armed, high-water-pants wearing “Revenge of the Nerds” type of nerd, there is still something just a bit geekified about responding to the cocktail party conversation-inducing question of “So what do you do for a living?” with “I’m a rocket scientist.”

Geek or not, at some point throughout his day Bobak has to leave the confines of his mission control console and make his way into the kitchen. In a most unscientific way, this begs the question “What would Mohawk Guy use in the kitchen?”

While not privy to the goings on in his domicile, there is a strong suspicion around the proverbial water cooler that Bobak’s proclivities could potentially lean towards some of these geeky, fun, science-tinged assortments of kitchen gadgets.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Who hasn’t stood in the middle of their kitchen and imagined creating stunning dishes by forming spheres of jellified liquid to create faux caviar or using olive oil and glycerin flakes to make olive oil foam? Okay, maybe not everyone, but there is that segment of the population—probably Bobak, as well—who yearn to create such culinary oddities as balsamic vinegar pearls and mozzarella balloons filled with the scent of infused roasted garlic. This is the height of modernist cuisine and with the Molecular Gastronomy Kit the culinary delights are sure to elicit eye-popping stares of amazement and awe from your dinner guests.

“Cooking for Geeks” Cookbook

Unchartered territory, such as, say, the surface of Mars, can be a scary experience. However, when armed with the right equipment, practically any fear can be overcome, even in the kitchen. “Cooking for Geeks” is one such item that will prove to be an indispensible tool in the kitchen for geeks and non-geeks alike. Filled with helpful information not just on flavors, ingredients and kitchen hardware but also on the science behind the workings of a kitchen. There are also interviews with chefs, writers, chemists and more, and even some recipes thrown in for good measure.

Chemistry Cocktail Set

Although it’s unclear if Bobak is one to indulge in a refreshing cocktail from time to time, even the most haggard of scientists need a nip every now and then. Don your starched white lab coat and mix up an alcohol-infused concoction that you don’t have to be a mad scientist to enjoy. This Chemistry Cocktail Set comes with a beaker, two ‘test tubes’ and a metallic shaker—put them together and you’re all set to mix up some fun.

Celestial Serving Bowls

The moon. The sun. The earth. How cool would it be to eat off one of these surfaces? Now you can…sort of. Surely Bobak would be so smitten with these heavenly celestial-artwork-imprinted bowls that he would probably snuggle with them. These melamine bowls are so geeky, they have even been dubbed with their rightful monikers: Terra (earth), Sol (sun) and Luna (moon). So go ahead, slurp a bit of spaghetti from the moon’s surface, chomp on a heaping helping of cereal while gazing at the sun and nosh away on that bowl of heavenly hash with nary a care. After all, isn’t that what Mohawk Guy would do?

Star Trek Bottle Opener

No self-respecting rocket scientist is without a hint of awe for William Shatner’s celebrity vehicle, Star Trek, whether they admit it out loud or not. That’s what makes this Star Trek USS Enterprise bottle opener such a winner in the kitchen: at 5 inches long with a wide mouth opening, it is competent enough to actually open bottles, yet small enough to deftly toss in the drawer during those moments when ones’ affinity for Star Trek begs to remain a mystery.

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