Who Wears Short Shorts? Shorts for Every Lifestyle


Women Around Town are known for their strong and well-guided fashion sense, but even the most style savvy woman can dread buying summer shorts. Leggings, dresses and blouses – no problem. But when it comes to exposing those jambes in shorts, it can give even the most chic women nightmares.

Luckily enough, there are multiple stores in New York that offer easy, stress-free shorts options for all sizes and budgets. So get out that sunless tanner and get ready to expose your legs this summer in a most stylish pair of shorts. There’s something for everyone.

For the brave woman, head to Unpomela on Spring Street. Previously taken to task for selling puppies in their store window, this shop has cleaned up their image, made public apologies and just sells clothes these days. They carry a wide selection of shorts for daring women ready to show off their legs and waist. Unpomela offers many colors in a pleated linen, cuffed bottom short short, with a woven belt included, for $56 (photo below). Unpomela’s sales people are happy to help you find what works for you and almost always have extra stock in the back if you can’t find the size you’re looking for. Matching this short with a tucked in loose cotton shirt and embellished sandals is a trendy summer look and a great way to accentuate your beautiful curves.

For the less adventurous woman, head to UniQlo on Broadway in Soho. UniQlo offers a Boyfriend Short, priced at $24.90 (photo below), that will fit any size or shape perfectly because the fabric has a little bit of stretch. And the modest length helps those short-phobic women conquer their fears. The higher-than-normal but not “Mom Jeans” waist will help hide any unwanted mid-section exposure. The price is so reasonable you can buy multiple pairs in different colors!

For women with complete short “phobia”, try J. Crew’s 7” Chino Short (photo below). These shorts won’t look like a pair of Bermuda shorts, which can sometimes be very tricky and unflattering. The light and airy fabric matched with a flattering cut can be right for many body types. It covers just the right amount of skin without making your friends wonder if your wearing capris or shorts. If you’re still doubtful that these will look good on you, try them on in black or navy because dark colors can be more forgiving. Match your new shorts with a cotton button down and a patterned belt and you’ll be ready for summer fun! Visit the store in Columbus Circle or Madison Avenue because these stores restock most frequently because of their high traffic.

So who wears short shorts?  It could be you.

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