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Do your kids ever dream of becoming rock stars who can jam on the stage and make great music? As parents, finding a right-size guitar that is eye-catching enough to motivate kids to learn and play is a daunting task. Chagar Music understands the great educational benefits of guitar playing and we also want to make it fun for children. That is why we added Loog Guitars to our collection for children. Loog Guitars are three-string guitars that make it easier and faster for children and beginners to learn how to play. Interestingly, many professional guitarists have added a Loog to their collection too, as the constraint of fewer strings actually acts as a trigger for creativity and helps them to rediscover ways of playing.

Chagar Music is a boutique music shop specializing in finely handcrafted guitars (acoustic, classical, and electric) and string instrument accessories based in Brooklyn, New York. We started our vision of sourcing the best sound and value guitars out of mere passion for creative songwriting and appreciation for innovative technology that is changing the landscape of music creation today. Our mission is to curate the best collection of music instruments and accessories of premium quality and cutting-edge technology around the world that brings a better playing experience for modern day musicians of all levels.

What is unique about our business model is that we only source from family-owned luthiers who have years of guitar-making experience and are also making economically feasible efforts to preserve one of the most important natural resources on earth: our trees. For example, both Larrivée Guitars and Guiterras Manuel Rodriguez have been steadily increasing their reliance on “dead standing trees”, trees that are no longer alive but its wood can still produce hundreds of amazingly sounding guitars.

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We are passionate about making music accessible to all people, especially with the young generation. That is how we discovered Loog Guitars. The birth of Loog Guitars is a perfect example of where passion meets business. It first started as a graduate thesis project for Rafael Atijas, the founder and CEO of the Loog Guitars, at New York University in 2010. His dream to build a solid wood construction guitar that enhances the playability and attractiveness to children soon led to the launch of his first successful Kickstarter project in March 2011, where he raised the initial funding to make his prototype to a retail product. Since then, parents all over the world have been raving about Loog guitars.

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Currently, Loog offers acoustic guitars and electric guitars for children. Loog also offers a build-your-own experience between parents and their kids. That’s right, each Loog comes with easy, step-by-step assembly instructions, as well as an online learning school called “Loog Academy”, where users can find a series of free video-lessons from building the guitars to playing chords with your very own Loog.

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We are offering a 10% off coupon on all items in our e-shop for Woman Around Town readers. Code is WAT2014 (use the code at checkout). So what are you waiting for? Come visit us in Williamsburg this summer, see the world through our musical lenses on Instagram, or read our traveling journal of a guitar on our blog!

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