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Low Sandals on Sale

Venturing out ? Put something attractive and/or comfortable on your feet. Color   clockwise Wild & Free Strappy Sandal : Faux [...]

July 20, 2020

Out Loud Fashion Tees

Wear your commitment so it can be seen. Get thumbs up, comments, sometimes conversations. We feel impotent. These declare. All cotton. Many [...]

July 11, 2020

Casual Skirts

Cooler than most pants, more feminine than most shorts. Prints  clockwise Val Floral-Print Midi Skirt  by Faithful the Brand: [...]

July 6, 2020

Remember Bermuda Shorts?

When you reach a certain age, short shorts are unlikely to look flattering. Go back to Bermudas, preferably wide legged, for best [...]

July 1, 2020

Melamine Dishware for Summer

Plastic made from melamine resin and strengthening materials. Durable and easy to clean. Lighter for summer, great for outdoors. 12-16 [...]

June 25, 2020


An unstructured day, or even a structured one, can be relaxed by stopping for late afternoon, ersatz British  tea. Teas Top: English [...]

June 17, 2020

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