10 Office Must-haves for New Small Businesses

Establishing a new startup enterprise can be pretty time consuming since there are many things to prepare for. After creating a business plan, raising funds, and getting an empty office space, the next step would be adding basic needs to your workplace.  

Buying office essentials may seem easy, but it isn’t. You need to choose the ideal office tools to increase your team’s productivity and efficiency. So to make your hectic life a little easier, we have created a checklist just for you. 

Here are the ten office must-haves for your startup business:

Desk and Chair

Initially, you will need a suitable desk and chair set up. Various selections of furniture may be overwhelming, but what you have to think about first is the comfort of your staff. Note that your workers’ convenience is essential to enhance their work production. If they are not comfortable in their chairs or desks, then their focus will likely shift around due to their discomfort.

Therefore, it is critical to keep communication open with your employees and know what their needs are. Some employees may need ergonomic chairs to support their back issues. Others might want to sit on a ball or even ask for a standing desk setup.

Aside from thinking about the welfare of your staff, you should not forget your own comfort. Indulge yourself by getting a relaxing chair too to avoid neck, back, and shoulder exhaustion.

Computer Set

In this era of the Digital Age, having a computer for your business is a must since it can help meet all your business requirements.

For small marketing companies and freelance writers, getting a computer can already be enough to handle search engine optimization (SEO) and word processing applications. However, some industries require additional software tools from computer-aided design (CAD) to customer relationship management (CRMs).

High-Speed Internet Connection

Besides desks, chairs, and computer sets, you will also need a consistent source of high-speed internet. This is required to do online research, check online emails, make video calls with clients, and more. So better not skimp when it comes to a stable connection.

If you have many employees at your company, then you need to ensure that they are equipped with suitable tools to be effective. This means adding more computer sets, and new informational technology (IT) needs, such as online security, to avoid potential network issues.

Backup Drive or Personal Server

It is also crucial to have a place where you and your staff can back up office data. External drives or personal servers are both excellent selections that will give you peace of mind. 


You might assume that you won’t need printers since almost all businesses are switching to a paperless working environment. Still, it would be best to get one because the need for printed documents might arise. Besides, printers nowadays are also used for scanning, copying, and faxing, which are relevant to daily business activities.

Proper Lighting

Are you aware that poor lighting can induce headaches? Flickering lights, poor light distribution, and improper light contrast can lead to eye squinting, eye fatigue, and even migraine. So add proper LED lighting as a must-have to your office.


Nowadays, people overlook the importance of traditional telephones in a business setting. This is due to their preference for using smartphones and online tools instead when doing business deals. However, installing an efficient business telephone system can develop an excellent connection to clients, employees, and vendors, since it is more personal, fast, and easy to use.


Everyone in the office might be enthusiastic about going paperless since it is the Digital Age. However, there will be instances where a paper, pencil, and classic stapler are the only way to go. Thus, it is best to stock up some paper goods, pens, markers, paperclips, rubber bands, rubber stamps, and the likes.  

File Cabinet

Even if you want to go paperless, there will be instances where you need to keep hard copy records. This is where a file cabinet is necessary. A file cabinet is a traditional office fixture that is vital to daily operations, so provide some for your workplace. Make sure to invest in cabinets with custom cabinet hinges to ensure the quality and longevity of your fixtures.

Waste Management

Last but not least is proper waste management. This is typically ignored but should be considered a priority. You will need desk wastepaper baskets, shredder, and recycle bins to cut back on office clutter and practice proper waste disposal.


With the support of the essentials indicated above, you are on the right track in running an effective new small business. As long as you complete this checklist, then your business is undoubtedly ready to roll.

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