10 Women’s Wardrobe Staples for the Entire Year

Trends come and go, but staples will stay in style for a lifetime or at least a long, long time. Every girl has to have one or two of these basic apparels in the closet to wear on their own or to create a complete outfit in minutes. You don’t have to buy every new trend in fashion or style that you’ll have to get rid of in a few months. Be it winter, summer, spring, or fall these wardrobe staples will be your best clothing companions for the entire year.

Plain White Tee

The short-sleeved plain white tee has been staples in every wardrobe for decades, and it hasn’t shown any signs of being out of style until now. Understandable. Considering how versatile and easy to mix and match these shirts are. Plus, plain white tees are universally flattering. And they’re awfully comfortable too in the heat.

Tank tops

Whether you’re going to the gym, going on a casual outing, or staying at home, you can never go wrong with a tank top. Like the plain white, tank tops are incredibly flexible in style and comfortable to wear. It comes in different materials, some more durable than others to work out or play sports in. Others are extra comfy for lounging around the house.

Black Dress

When you can’t figure out what to wear when going out, a little black dress a.k.a. LBD is your safest bet. It’s versatile, stylish, and flattering to anyone. Opt for an LBD with a modest neckline and skirt length that’s a little above the knee, and you have the perfect office attire and party outfit all in one. To select the perfect LBD for you, know your body shape and find a cut that flatters.   


A stylish outfit is composed of layers, and a cardigan is usually a great way top off your attire. It’s perfect to pair with plain shirts or tank tops and make your attire look more trendy or stylish. When choosing a cardigan, go for neutral colors as they fit well with other colors. Find one that sits comfortably at the hip as it’s the length that’s flattering to most body shapes.

Button-up shirt

A button-up shirt is similar to the plain white tee except it’s dressier. Nevertheless, a button-up shirt can be dressed down or up, making it rather versatile and easy to mix and match. You can pair one with jeans for a casual look or wear it with a pencil skirt for a more polished vibe. Either way, button-ups are perfect for almost all occasions.


If you’re in love with the colder seasons, then it follows that you’re equally in love with sweaters as well. Sweaters are perfect wear for the cold weather or when the temperature starts to dip down. That said, it’s always good to have a few sweaters in your wardrobe for when the tanks, dresses, and short-sleeved shirts aren’t enough to keep you warm. Go for knit sweaters in neutral colors for a subtle yet sophisticated look.

Jean Jacket

Every girl dreams about letting loose some of the badness inside, and jean jackets are the perfect pieces for a classic rugged look. In 2017, the jean jacket made its comeback and became one of the most ubiquitous pieces in millennial fashion, but who said it ever went away at all? Jean jackets have been staples in closets since your mom started wearing them in the 80s although it’s only come into the younger generations’ awareness in recent years. That said, your wardrobe could use the perfect jean jacket to add a tough, rugged style to your outfit.

Dark wash jeans

Jeans are among the most flexible and versatile apparels you can own. They can be worn for going out to the grocery store or for partying at the club. It’s worth every cent to splurge on a good pair of jeans that will fit and flatter your figure and last you a lifetime (with proper care!). Distressed jeans are trending nowadays, but the real staples are dark wash jeans, which are always in style no matter the fad or the season.

Pencil skirt

Classic and timeless, pencil skirts can be styled in a multitude of ways and worn in different occasions. It should be tailored for the perfect length and fit for your body shape. That said, a pencil skirt is a powerful piece for making a statement.

Pajama set

Pajamas are among humanity’s greatest inventions. They’re the most comfortable, warm, and easy to wear pieces of clothing that have ever existed. And there’s just something about pajamas that make you feel safe and secure when wearing them. Shedding off your day clothes and changing into your pajamas can be one of the most relaxing things to do at the end of a stressful day.

Clearing Your Wardrobe

Make space in your wardrobe for these staples and worry less about what to wear next. Get rid of all the clothes that you no longer wear by selling them online to earn some extra cash. Or you can donate them to charity too. Either way, your clothes will be put in good use instead of gathering dust in your closet.

You don’t need to follow every trend to stay fashionable when you have the classic and timeless pieces you can accessorize and mix and match to create a stylish outfit. Having them saves you a lot of time and energy every time you dress up.

Photo by Chuttersnap on unsplash

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